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Today I’ll be telling you how you can make your workspace into a comfy zone for yourself. Working from home can be a real treat, but it can get tiring if the work space aspect is neglected. I neglected the “comfortable” aspect of working from home for a while, until I started getting backaches and achy legs, hmm not a nice feeling, so I decided to re-vamp my workspace and make it comfortable for me to work in…

Adjusting to working from home and working from home tips for success

If you don’t already know, I work from home and have been doing so for the past 2 years now. I decided to work from home shortly after I had my 1st born which made me realise I didn’t want to go back into work.

Look back at my blog posts to see my previous work from home jobs and work that you can also do also without any experience.

Wish I could not work at all but we all know living and raising children to a good standard requires a settled amount of income which safe to say I’m glad I earn from working from home. So on that note, lets kick start this blog for all those who also wish to start working from home but are not sure what equipment they require to comfortably do so.

Work from home routine, lets begin..

Firstly, to set up an office in your home you will need, ideally a spare room. I remember when I first started out working from home, my office was my living room.

I literally would sit on the sofa and put my laptop on my lap, along with a small side coffee table which had my phone and head set sitting on. NOT ideal let me tell you! I slowly realised that if I was to be working from home for long term I need a proper set up and not something flimsy.

Ofcourse there are no real rules that you need to have a spare office room but it is defiantly essential if you wish to work long term from home and work comfortably too.

Most homes if not all have a small box room as a spare bedroom. That size is perfect to form into an office space. Lets begin with what you will need and why.

  1. A laptop

Obviously the first thing to invest in is a laptop, otherwise, how are you going to work from home hey! You can use any laptop or computer from home as long as it runs the latest Windows versions and is up to speed. Most company’s ask for those 2 major points and if you have that then Wa-lah! you can begin your work from home search.

2. Internet Connection

Without internet, does this world even exist? Most if not all work from home jobs will require internet, whether your skype calling a meeting from home, googling something, selling, researching, online teaching etc, they all require internet! You probably will require to do some broadband speed tests if you decide to work for a company from home.

3. A Computer desk

I never had a computer desk to begin with. Like I said I used my lap as the desk. Not ideal as the rays of the laptop’s heat are not safe for the skin and legs and can cause harmful effects, some even ranging from skin burns to skin cancers. Invest in a small computer desk, even if its a small board which can rest the laptop or computer on. Aslong as the laptop is not having skin contact with you, its all safe.

TIP: to save space in your room, you could invest in a small chest of drawers.

This is what I did 2nd time round. A small 3 draw chest of draws is perfect to keep the computer/laptop on the top and store all your storage in the draws provided below. That way you can have a computer desk as well as storage space. If you have a large room you could invest in a large wooden corner desk. These are great if you wish to have all your equipment on the desk. This can include: a laptop, second monitor screen, printer and stationary pots etc. Best place to shop around is on sites such as amazon and ebay. They have a wide range of styles to choose from.

3. Accessories – Mouse, Keyboard, Computer Chair, Spare screen monitor (if required for bigger projects) and Stationary.

These are extra essentials needed to make working from home life easier, look around on selling platforms such as Facebook market place, Gumtree, Shpock for cheap deals where people even sell their new unwanted stuff at a fraction of the rrp price. I got my brand new computer chair from Facebook market place just for a tenner. I was well chuffed.

Other than that my lovelies, you need a comfortable surrounding. Make the room you will be working in as comfy and pretty as you like it. Grab some candles, picture frames, scents, cushions etc to make your working environment feel cosy if you like it that way. Check out these ideas on how you can style your work from home space

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  1. I have been working from home for over 5 years and only now am I considering getting a desk! My posture is seriously suffering without one! It’s time to get serious about my work space so thank you for the tips!

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