What is a Virus – The term “virus” defined


A virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses can infect all types of life forms. Let’s look into more detail on what is a virus.

Let’s look at some facts from the world famous dictionary’s and see how they define the term “virus”

The dictionary term’s

The 1940 Medical Dictionary defines virus as “the specific living principle by which an infectious disease is transmitted. This definition is vague because there is no such thing as a “living” principle. According to the dictionaries, a principle is a rule, truth, law etc. and is not a living entity.

The Scientific Encyclopedia says viruses have been obtained for experimentation by means of extremely powerful centrifuges which must be specially built. In the same article it is stated that viruses are so small, that they cannot be seen by the most powerful microscopes. Then how do they know they produced any?

The Modern Encylopedia, (1944) says in part “A virus differs from a bacterium in that the latter can live and reproduce itself in an artificial culture such as beef broth. Whereas a virus must live inside a living cell. It is because of the protection which the living cell affords a virus that serums are of no value in the treatment of virus diseases.”

What it shows?

This shows us that as far back as 1944 it was known that virus vaccines have no value in treating disease. Yet these succeeding 10 years have seen more millions of dollars squandered and more monkeys and other animals and people tortured and killed and more propaganda built on the false premise that viruses cause polio, than ever before.

Webster’s Dictionary refers to virus as a “slimy or poisonous liquid”. Pus is a slimy poisonous liquid and forms where there is inflammation and disintegration of tissue.

This break-down and disintegration of life cells is not a result of invasion of germs or viruses but is due to the interference with the chemical balance that holds the structure in a state of normal functioning.

When poisons from such things as vaccines, drugs, narcotics, contaminated and devitalized foods etc. cause degeneration of the cells and disease, the condition is usually labeled according to the location of the most decay. For instance, when there is inflammation of the kidney it is called Bright’s Disease; if it is in the joints, it is arthritis, in the stomach it is ulcers, in the lungs, we call it tuberculosis, in the pancreas, it is diabetes and when there is inflammation of the brain and spinal cord affecting the nerves and muscles it is called POLIO.

How do viruses spread?

Once a person is infected, their body becomes a reservoir of virus particles which can be released in bodily fluids – such as by coughing and sneezing – or by shedding skin or in some cases even touching surfaces.

Fun Fact

Viruses are the most common biological entities on Earth.

Experts estimate there are around:  10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of them, and if they were all lined up they would stretch from one side of the galaxy to the other.

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