5 Ways to protect your business from Covid-19

If you’re not already aware, YES! 2020 has been a pandemic blur. Here’s 5 ways to protect your business from the covid-19 outbreak.

You’ve probably heard that the coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19, has made it’s way across the nation. With many people panicking about the spread, businesses are seeing a decline in traffic and an increase in isolation. 

So, with all this happening so fast, what do business owners do? Panic? No, no , no. Plan? Yes.

You can easily protect your businesses from this outbreak, and your staff with just a few measures in place. Covid-19 has definitely changed the way people live now, so it’s obvious the workplaces will change too.

5 Ways To Protect Your Business During A Pandemic

It’s important to protect you’re business during this pandemic, as when it’s over (hopefully soon) then you need to be standing! And not be rebuilding your way back up.

This means preparing your business for the worst and keeping your staff well-informed throughout the changes whilst Covid is addressed. 

Take advantage of these five tips below. 

1. Plan –  Create A Plan

Put safeguards in place to protect your company and your employees.

You can create or upgrade your emergency procedure plan, get your staff’s pay sorted (furlough pay as referred to widely) and keep stock levels high if they are easily reachable.

An emergency plan is vital as it not only outlines what steps your company plans on taking, if an outbreak impacts your business (which currently it has done so). It also lays out what measures you can take to protect your employees and business before disaster strikes.

You can include the following information in your plan:

  • Steps you’re taking to protect employees 
  • What to do if an outbreak occurs at your business and what to do next
  • Update emergency contacts – how employees can contact you in case of emergency
  • What will happen to business operations if your business is infected and what is the backup strategy.

2. Enable A Work From Home Policy

Unfortunately many companies don’t have a work from home policy in place. They are heavily reliant on their office space.

However outbreaks like this can make it hard for employees to travel to work as social distancing is a must. This is why it’s important to have a work from home policy in place and if you don’t, then now is the perfect time to add one.

With coronavirus in every city, businesses are finding alternative work arrangements to keep employees from coming into the office and avoiding contact. This will help keep your business running as employees can continue from home.

Ofcourse, depending on your industry and business, you may not be able to give employees the luxury of working from home. For example how is a supermarket till worker supposed to work from home? It’s impossible! Or nurses and postman’s etc.

But many non front line companies can form ways to do so.

If at all possible, you can consider establishing a work from home policy which can include things like employee eligibility, remote procedures, and guidelines. Also include rules for temporary remote work in your policy and the duration.

3. Inform Managers About Updates

Communication is key and it is definitely vital especially during an outbreak. No one likes being left out of the loop, so when it comes to protecting your business, you must communicate with your managers and keep them up-to-date. 

To keep your business safe during the virus’s outbreak, you have to keep on top of your research. Check the local government website every day for more information about the outbreak. And, don’t forget to check your city and local news for details about the spread and regulations pertaining to coronavirus (e.g. bans on mass gatherings, new social distancing rules etc). 

After you obtain some new information, relay that information to managers and supervisors as soon as possible. That way, they are up to speed about the situation and where your business stands. 

Remember you need to stay on top of the game.

4. Keep Your Employees Posted also

Just like managers and supervisors, you also need to keep your employees posted, too.

To communicate coronavirus related news to your employees, you can send out text or emails or have a mandatory company meeting (via video chat). 

At the same time you should communicate with your employees on how they can keep safe at work during this pandemic. I.e, washing hands regularly, maintaining their distance, hand sanitizing, face masks etc.

Filling in your staff not only allows you to keep them posted about your policies, but it also helps reduce workplace panic. The more your employees know, the better.

5. Prevention – Reevaluate Your Cleaning Procedures

This is probably the most important and crucial tip of all.

You need to keep your business as clean as possible during this pandemic. Keeping clean and keeping those germs away will help keep the Covid levels in your business on the low.

So, how often is your business being cleaned? Twice per week? Every day? Never? It’s now the time to hike up how frequently you clean your business which will help keep you and your employees safe.

To ensure your business is squeaky clean, consider doing some (or all) of the following below:

  • Increase the times how often your business is cleaned
  • Stock up the workplace with disinfectants, and hand sanitizer
  • Ask employees to disinfect their desks daily and (if they want to) wear face masks if sitting in close proximity.
  • Request that sick employees don’t come into the office… at all, until their self isolation ends and they are well.
  • Encourage employees to wash their hands more and maintain their cleanliness.  

Keeping your workplace clean will give you’re employees some peace of mind knowing that they’re working in a safe environment. You have to appreciate your extra effort to ensure that they stay healthy.

6. Take Advantage Of Government Relief/funds

The coronavirus has made a huge dent in the business world and economy. But, there’s no need to panic as the government has made many small business relief funds available to companies.

The government has allowed companies to apply for funds required to cover the losses made during the coronavirus outbreak. This includes things like:

  • Low-interest loans
  • An employer tax credit
  • Government income support scheme 

If your business is struggling to gather funds to cover business expenses due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can apply for some funds which should cover you for a while until you try and get back on your feet.

Even if you don’t think you’re eligible, you could be! So ensure to apply on the gov. website.

In addition to low-interest SBA funds, the government is offsetting mandatory paid sick and paid leave costs for employers with an employer tax credit, equal to 80% of their income. This covers your employees too.

Overall the most you can do during this pandemic, is stay calm! And clean ofcourse. Hopefully soon it’s over.

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  1. These are great tips. My husband works remote normally but I’m glad that his company seems to have taken as many necessary precautions as possible.

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