Travelling at 8 months pregnant – What you need!


Hey Mamas, Hope your all doing well. Iv got a little travel guide for you today. Travelling at 8 months pregnant guide.

Not just the normal travelling where you set of backpacking and are full of active energy, but a travel guide where you have to tackle long train and tram journeys carrying a baby inside. A full grown 8 month old baby fetus that is, not the tiny seed from the early stages but a melon size lets say. 

Is it safe to travel during 8th month of pregnancy

I had to arrange for a return 8 hours journey from my home to the office due to work purposes, if I didn’t attend it would have meant not getting the promotion I wanted, but attending also meant I had to pack a lot of essentials for this journey to ensure my pregnancy was not affected. 

Are long travel journeys safe for pregnancy?

The 4 hours journey going from place A to B ended up turning into 6 hours due to train delays but coming back was not as bad and only took 4 hours totalling 10 hours of travel at 8 months pregnant jumping from bus to train to train to tram then to another train and walking ofcourse oh and not forgetting the uber taxi’s, wow I could say I was so happy to be back home at the end of the day and to just put my feet up! If you are planning a long journey then keep on reading as il share some essentials you may need along your way:)

From Manchester (Bus from home to Piccadilly train station)  to London Euston to St Alban City to Borehamwood to the office < this was my journey! Il dive right in…

Number 1: Plan Plan Plan!

I can not empathise this. Wherever you go, even if its short distance you need to prepare and plan especially when in your third trimester. I planned my journey a few days before. I felt the need to revise the maps (I know … so extra!) Since I was travelling from A to B to C to D to get to my work place it involved a lot of train switching and then some walking to the next train and ofcourse the timings so that you weren’t late as that would just make the whole trip useless.

I first used Google Maps to determine how long the journey would take if I drove. Due to our car being a small 1 litre it wasn’t worth dragging it up a long distance journey just to have it tire out. Next I decided the train would be the best so for this the 2 websites I would recommend anytime and anyday for travel in the UK are Trainline and Traveline. First use Traveline to determine what methods you can use for your journey. Then use Trainline to book your train tickets at the cheapest rates. I decided to go off-peak as that saves 30%-70% than peak tickets. 

Number 2: Don’t travel alone (They say!)

This was the first initial reaction I got when I had to arrange travel. I am a very independent person and ofcourse I would have loved to have my partner accompany me but then who would look after our little son? and no way was I dragging him along with me as its too far and number 2 I didn’t have any family free that day to help babysit him so the option was for daddy and baby to stay home.

Take a friend you say?

Well the journey cost was over £300 which I could hardly afford myself, luckily mine would have been reimbursed by the company I work for but making my friend pay that much money to just accompany me felt abit selfish.

I made the choice to travel on my own, just me and the baby inside me. It sounded scary but luckily my pregnancy was super smooth so far so I didn’t see any chances of anything going wrong. I mean I didn’t feel I would suddenly have the urge to push on the train, but then they do say you never know. ( Luckily no I didn’t get any urges to push pheww…)

If you have generally felt well in your pregnancy then long distance travels even at the last stages will not be a problem. Trains are said to be the safest options to travel in pregnancy due to the slow motion movements being felt and nothing crazy like road bumps. So if you feel well and up for the challenge, don’t be afraid. After all the walking and energy used will only prepare you for an easier labour.

Number 3: Pack Light

How late in pregnancy can you travel? As late as you want.

I was travelling in the winter so I had to makesure I had comfy boots and comfy clothes to last me the journey. The last thing you want is to be too cold or too hot because of the clothes choices you made.

Break into those shoes before you wear as you DONT want to be getting home with blisters, ouch! I opted for thick leggings and a long cashmere jumper knee length. A neck scarf and a wooley coat which I could take off in the train if it got too hot. Some black Ankle boots with a LOW heel.

Please do not be travelling in heels, especially not when your pregnant. You wont just tire your body out but even the baby will get tired and distressed. Pair your dressing with a small lightweight handbag. Depending on where you are going, if it is a work trip that is, you wont really need much apart from a few things that can easily fit in your handbag.

Essentials you need to pack

Money ( a debit/credit card and some spare cash)

Plan how much expenses you will need for the whole journey and take a few extra bucks incase of emergency. I kept cash for the bus and taxi journeys and a debit card for the train and tram. I also took my husbands card incase mine was declined. Always carry an extra if travelling far from home. 

Travel Tickets

Print these out beforehand if you can and place them in travel order in a small zip pocket inside your handbag.


Very important since you never know when your little baby inside can get peckish. I carried a small apple and banana and a few biscuits inside my bag. oh and a small water bottle. Don’t pack too much of food and snacks as food is readily available at many train stations and if you catch the virgin trains and were to be travelling London like myself, they have a trolley service on the train where you can grab a sandwich. 

Powerbank and Charger

This is so important and I would definitely encourage you to purchase a Powerbank if you don’t have one already. I cannot thank my husband who forced me to take it. It was so handy. On the train you are never guaranteed a seat next to a charging doc so the Powerbank was a lifesaver. Although I printed the map journey out sometimes having the phone app open also helped. Plus you would need your phone to be charged if calling for taxis so a Powerbank is a must. They usually cost less than 10 pounds so its not breaking the bank. To be honest the wired charger I didn’t even get a chance to use. The Powerbank lasted 3 charges and before it ran out I was back home.


I packed a pair of earphones, a small foldable umbrella, a woolly hat and some makeup in case I needed to top my lippie up at the office. you can also pack an extra undergarment padding just incase you are a little leaky down there. Being in the final trimester puts a lot of pressure on your pelvic muscles and bladder which can cause some leaks often. If you struggle sitting in a certain spot for more than a few hours I would recommend a small cushion to take along. This can help relax the back and take some pressure off. 

What to pack for unborn baby?

As the baby is inside your womb you don’t need to overpack anything for it. Its mostly yourself you need to ensure you have everything for. Remember the baby is in the safest place it can ever be and that’s inside you! So aslong as you keep yourself easy and comfy the baby will be just fine. 

Keep yourself relaxed AT ALL TIMES. If you miss a train DONT PANIC, the next one will come and you can board that. When looking around for trams always ASK. There are many staff Co-Ordinator’s who work in several train and tram stations to help guide passengers, don’t feel ashamed. I got lost when I landed in Euston London and wasn’t sure where the underground was to St Pancreas at St Albans, so I asked a staff member who guided me. They are there to help so make use of them. 

Feeling tired?

If you feel tired then please rest. A couple of minutes can take a lot of weight of your little feet. Watch for bumps and holes in the ground as you want to make sure you put your feet in the right places to avoid falling or tripping (God Forbid!)

Other than that just enjoy yourself! Take the walk and exercise in as a breeze and enjoy the surroundings and atmosphere you see. After all its not everyday you get to travel at this stage in your pregnancy. if its a one off then be assured that once you get home its all over and done with! woop! 

Best of luck Mums to be:) Much Love.x

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