Selling Online – How I made and sold my own product.


Selling online can be tricky, but not if you follow the right steps. Have you ever wondered how people make their own products? or even launch their own brand? Yes? I was in the same boat. Thinking wow!, these people must be rich to be able to set up their own product business.

I would wish I could do the same, but HOW was my big question. Well let me tell you a secret, Yes! I am a product owner of 2 products in the market, all designed and manufactured under me! and to be honest, its not rocket science! trust me. You can do it too. I’m no rich person, I didn’t even break the bank whilst launching my own brand product:) This is how i did it (probably how majority of business owners do so to) keep on reading…

What is needed to design your own product – start selling online now..

To design your own product you need a manufacturing company, someone who can make it for you, ideally a factory warehouse. Before you do all that, choose what you want to sell of-course. Think of your brand product and a name to go with it. Get a logo designed for your soon to be company and set out some targets.

I, in the past sold face masks on Ebay. From there I got the idea to make my own, brand it and sell it! I sourced my items from Alibaba. Alibaba is a wholesale website where you can bulk buy items at a wholesale price. I then would sell them on ebay for some profit.

Once I found a trusted supplier I contacted them to see if they would be willing to make a facemask product with my brand name on it. Suppliers are usually more than happy to brand such products as for them its not a problem, as long as they have it ofcourse. The supplier I used for my masks sold a variety of types. I told them to send me samples so I could test them out and choose which one I wanted my brand name on to be.

Do note, I used a pretty simple method of becoming an enterprenuer, where a product is already produced, tested and certified, rather than making a product from scratch, which would involve choosing ingredients, getting the product lab tested and even authenticating your product via getting a certificate for it just before it can lawfully be sold, (now thats some serious business). What I realised is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make money in return. I’d say majority of businesses out there run the show like I did!

What I branded and sold

I chose a black dead sea mud mask to brand. I had sold this product before with no name and the reviews on my ebay were all great. I decided to brand the dead sea mud mask with my brand name “Glambeauty” and go for it. I was in contact day and night with the supplier, it wasn’t difficult.

The only thing you have to manage is time. China is quiet a few hours ahead of the UK, so when we awake it’s there afternoon and in our evening it’s there midnight so you have to work out a time in between which is best for you both to connect.

Always ask your supplier if they are willing to put your brand name on the product. The only thing you would be paying extra for is the packaging. For example, the dead sea mud mask I would purchase from my wholesaler to resell would cost me $2.40. That’s with the suppliers packaging on it.

However to rebrand the same mask with my own brand name and packaging cost me a few pence more. I ended up paying around $3 for the same product but with my brand name and packaging on it which gave the product the seal that it was mine and owned by me! That’s when you resell the product as your own business product, do a product launch, promote on social media and get those sales.

Things to calculate when working out the retail price for your product before you start selling online.

When ordering products from abroad, bare in mind there is also a shipping fee and a taxes charge. Calculate the charges you would have to pay the selling platform your using. I would sell mine on ebay so a 10% charge would go to them everytime I sold a product. Any top ups are extra for example if you wish to advertise your product on ebay too, they take an extra fee out from the final monthly bill.

Also calculate the charges your online wallet provider will take. I used paypal who also take a percentage fee from the final amount deposited. Along with that I had to calculate my shipping charges to the customer once an item was sold and how much that would cost. Should I offer first class or second class, you decide then deduct.

Il break it down for you…

I retailed my mud mask at $12,99, so….

My branded product cost $3, shipping for that item to the UK cost me around $1, ebay fees – $1.30, paypal fees $0.65, 1st class royal mail delivery, $1 – in total costing me $6.95, meaning my profit was around $5. NOT FORGETTING to deduct the cost to buy some envelopes to ship my product in, however that wasn’t much as I bulk baught at a discounted price, costing me some pennies each only.

These are the main costs I would use to calcuate if the product I sold was worth my time and effort. Anything around $5 dollars profit margin is a great product to start with and you can slowly slowly increase that by building a trusted relationship with the supplier or simply just buying bigger bulks.

I purchased 200 mudmasks costing me £3 each. However if I had purchased 1000 masks then that would have cost me around $0.70 each. Making my profit around $7-$8  instead, and ofcourse if you build a relationship with your local country postage carrier, they can give you discount too, so instead of paying $1 for first class shipping, you could be paying $0.40 for that same item. Basically the bigger the order, the bigger the profit.

If your first timers, (like me) I know it can be hard to dive in to the deep end by cashing out on 1000pc of your chosen product. That could be because your on a budget, or simply just don’t know whether your product will sell. The only way to know is by ordering a smaller sample (costing you higher) and if it sells well then placing a larger second time round order (will be cheaper).

The art of wholesaling itself is a very interesting business structure. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole manufactuing side of it and actually having my own name to a product that I decided to also make my own style of makeup brushes. This time round I designed the whole brush myself! From the handle to the bristles. I had a picture in mind and just went with it. I explained my design to the factory lady who I would contact via whatsapp, she then drafted out what I wanted, I approved and she made the item come to real life. It can take up to a few days or weeks depending on the supplier you choose.

How to check if the suppliers are not fake on Alibaba

Always check the suppliers star ratings when going forward to check their items. Its located in there profile. I’d always recommend doing business or just buying items from either a 4 or 5 star rated supplier. If your still skeptical, you can pay Alibaba directly for the items and until you don’t recieve the items the funds will not be released to the supplier. So ofcourse you have the guarantee that your money is safe.

What to do after your item is manufactured?

So once I received my products, my mud mask and my makeup brushes, I then went onto listing them on a selling platform. I used both ebay and amazon to sell my products.

Overall making a product of your own is not rocket science. However it’s the advertising you have to do after to get those sales. OBVIOUSLY without sales theres no profit.

Hope this little guide shed some light if you do wish to get your own brand up and running. Most importantly building trust and rapport is a number one factor in any business. Leave me a comment below if you have or are in the process of making your own little product line. Best of luck .x

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  1. I love your unicorn glitter brushes! And thank you for sharing your insider knowledge with us. Really interesting and helpful!

  2. Honestly I have been really unlucky with some sellers on Alibaba, and it took me too much time and energy to find the right ones that I can trust. Your unicorn brushes are really cute !

  3. Yours is an inspiring story, and your brushes are so cute. I love hearing success stories like yours and you’ve given us a great ‘how to’ with this post. Now, if I could just come up with a product… 😉

  4. I’ve been curious about ways to go about launching a product, but just didn’t know where to start. Your blog makes it seem less scary and like I could take that next step if I wanted to!

  5. After checking out a handful of the articles on your web page, I honestly appreciate your technique of writing a blog. I book-marked it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my web site too and let me know what you think.

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