Sleep Music for Babies: Your Key to a Peaceful Night

Music comes in many forms. It can be in the form of rock, hip hop, anthems, religious prayers, rap, white-noise and many more. The type of music we will discuss today is however, Sleep music for babies.

Does sleep music really help babies sleep better?

Yes, sleep music for babies can be incredibly helpful in promoting better sleep. It helps create a soothing and calming environment, masks background noises, and establishes a consistent sleep routine for babies. The gentle melodies and rhythms can help babies relax and fall asleep more easily.

Quote of the day: “Music can ignite your emotions from within” – writtenbysadia

Music – Something we all listen to or have done so in some form.

Yes! Sleep music for babies is a real term and exists. You probably already implement this in your routine but are not aware!

Sleep music for babies comes in many forms.

Lullaby’s are by far the most popular. Followed by baby humming, baby hymns, baby religious prayer tunes and baby white-noise.

Baby sleep music is used in all cultures and religions. It’s a soft mellow sound your baby likes – Psychologically.

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Can sleep music help babies sleep better?

Music is often praised for igniting emotions within.

I can do many things such as:

– It can uplift your mood and boost up your day.

– Make you dance around the kitchen when cooking.

– Make you remember the past moments.

– Set you up for date night etc etc, the options are basically endless.

Music can do A LOT.

It can also get your child to sleep.

Is it good to incorporate music In your babies sleep? 

Ofcourse, why not!

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Sleep music for babies and it’s psychological benefits

Lullabies are a very effective form of music for babies. 

Naturally, our bodies respond to rhythm. The tempo of the music we listen to can have an affect on our heartbeat. That’s why you’ll notice lullaby’s, if not all – are slow and soft.

Slow, soft and mellow music can slow your baby’s heartbeat and allow for deeper, calmer breathing. It basically relaxes them, physically and psychologically.

Being from a religious background, when my babies have trouble sleeping, I play them the Quran, a religious scripture in the form of a tune to relax their bodies. It always works a charm.

The swaying rhythm of this type of music (soft and mellow) is like a babies own heartbeat, and the quiet melodious sounds are a calming relief from the outside racket.

Slower music can also make your baby feel safe and secure.

It can create a safe environment.

Sleep music for babies to create a relaxing environment

Babies are always going though new experiences once born.

It is especially important to create a calm, relaxing environment in order to give them the soothing atmosphere they need.

Soft music played to your baby can not only relax them, but it can also help to create a sense of routine for your little one. A routine that it’s time for bed. A trigger – An alert.

Just like other sleep training methods, music can also be a trigger for them to sleep.

A sense of routine can give your baby comfort which is a great psychological benefit for them before they sleep. The last thing you want is your baby sleeping in fear, or after a tantrum as they will most likely be uneasy in their sleep too. Developing a routine of playing a soothing song with calming lyrics, such as “Hush Little Baby,” before bed can help settle your little one in the calmest way possible, especially as they grow from infants into toddlers. This ritual of singing or humming a lullaby can be a key part of your little one’s bedtime routine, letting them know that the time for sleep is coming soon. Adding a lullaby with soothing lyrics, like “Hush Little Baby,” as part of a bedtime routine is a proven method to encourage babies to sleep peacefully and create a relaxing environment for them to drift off to dreamland with sweet dreams.

A Sleep music for babies routine

When to play the music

Just before bed, around half and hour to an hour – you can start prepping your baby for sleep.

It takes around 30 minutes to an hour for them to actually settle down. Some will want to play and some will just stare around until they actually dose off.

At the age of 6-12 months, most babies will often play as soon as they get ready for bed. It’s like they all of a sudden freshen up. Have you ever experienced this?

You can start by putting lullabies or your type of music in the background. This will allow them to relax and absorb the music to “wind down”. 

You can often leave the music playing for most part of the night, if it helps keep your baby relaxed.

However as soon as your baby has fallen asleep you can turn it off.

The constant noise in the background can also give the child an immediate sense of where they are, so if they wake throughout the night and become disturbed, the music playing will allow them to go right back to sleep.

Doing this routinely will make it familiar for your baby to know bedtime is approaching.

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Struggling to find sleep music for babies? You can find so many if you just search the term “sleep music for babies” on Google

sleep music for babies

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