Newborn Baby Sleep Schedule: The Ultimate Guide for new Mums

What is a typical newborn baby sleep schedule?

A typical newborn baby sleep schedule consists of short sleep cycles throughout the day and night. Newborns sleep for approximately 14-17 hours a day, with sleep periods lasting anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time. It’s important to note that newborn sleep patterns can vary and may not follow a strict schedule.

Here we’ll discuss what a Newborn baby sleep schedule looks like from birth to 1 years old.

Your baby will go through a lot of changes in their early years of life.

Hence it’s important to understand that their will be learning curves when trying to understand your baby.

A newborn baby sleep schedule is a routine your baby will occasionally follow to sleep for their bedtime routine.

Some babies are good sleepers whereas others are just not. The first year is a juggle.


So just because your friends baby sleeps through out the night, doesn’t mean yours will too.

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Will there be sleep-less nights for me?

YES! 100%.

You were probably warned about the sleepless nights before or after birth right?

Every parent knows that sleep-deprivation is just part of the package – but don’t worry, it’s all worth it.

Will you ever sleep again though?

The answer is YES! Ofcourse you will.

Once you’ve established your baby’s schedule, everything will start to fall in place.

I’m a mother of 4, and I love getting into my pj’s at night, warming up to a cup of tea and just relaxing in my bed having some ME time.

Sound unusual? YES!

Most mothers don’t get to brush themselves at night because there babies are all over the place.

This is where you have to use your skills my lovelies. Use your new parent skills to master these tips in your life.

Monitor your baby and adjust it’s sleep schedule making it a fit one for all the family. After all babies don’t know the difference between day and night. That’s where we have to teach them.

The Newborn baby sleep schedule revealed!

As you continue reading, I’ll break down the sections for you so you can see at what age – how much sleep your baby needs and at what intervals. Months of age, hours of sleep, months of life, long naps, short naps, all matter.

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In the first 6 weeks of life, your baby will sleep ALOT! A baby’s sleep is an important life of their growing development.

Below are the baby age sleep schedules I will share:

0-6 Weeks

2 to 3 Months

4 to 6 Months

6 to 9 Months

9 to 12 Months

Here’s what a sleep schedule for a 0-6 weeks baby will look like:

newborn baby sleep schedule 0-6 weeks

Here’s what a sleep schedule for a 2-3 months baby will look like:

newborn baby sleep schedule -2-3 months

Here’s what a sleep schedule for a 4-6 months baby will look like:

newborn baby sleep schedule 4-6 months

Here’s what a sleep schedule for a 6-9 months baby will look like:

newborn baby sleep schedule 6-9 months

Here’s what a sleep schedule for a 9-12 months baby will look like:

newborn baby sleep schedule 9-12 months

And there you have it. Print it, Screen Save it, Bookmark it! Save this Baby’s Sleep Schedule

The only schedules that guide you for sleeping timing your baby.

Need some Music to get your baby to sleep? Then you will love these ideas! < soft music ideas included.

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