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Hello my beautiful’s, welcome to another mummy blog post.

Struggling to find the best kids activities to do with your kids at home when they are not in school? I know for me it’s super busy, especially because I’m trying all sorts of ways to keep my little ones busy during these testing times. Well, look no further as I have you covered with a wide range of creative ideas for kids activities at home, including fun activities for toddlers. You are in the right place if you are looking for indoor or outdoor activities, arts and crafts for kids, rainy day activities, science experiments or even printables like coloring pages and worksheets for kids. If you want to learn something, it is much more fun to do it with an activity!

How do you keep kids engaged in activities for a longer period of time?

To keep kids engaged in activities for a longer period of time, it’s important to provide a variety of activities that cater to their interests and age group. Incorporating hands-on activities, interactive games, and incorporating breaks for physical activity can help maintain their focus and prevent boredom.

Staying indoors has become the new norm. I mean who say’s its boring?

bored in the house

With no school, many mums are finding ways to prevent their children from moaning and groaning just because they are bored. So here I’ve compiled a list of activities your kids can do or even you can do with them and to keep them entertained.

Kids activities to do during holidays

Bake together

Bread, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies. Anything! You name it. Baking is so therapeutic I find, especially if I’m baking with the kids. It’s a great lesson for kids to get their baking hats on and act like chefs. The best part is, they get to eat their own creations at the end. Yum!

Have an indoor picnic

So you’ve made your delicious bakes, now why not kill more time by having an indoor picnic. Kids love picnics, where ever it may be. Grab a sheet and enjoy a living room picnic. You can make picnic time more fun by playing a game whilst the kids munch on their bakes. Something like “eye spy” or the “picnic memory game”.

Watch a movie

The kids will be super tired after all that baking that there going to want to whine down for sure. Pop their favourite movie on, or a Disney classic and sit back and relax. Whilst the kids watch their movie it will give you parents sometime to relax also. I get some laundry or cleaning done whilst the kids are busy relaxing.

Disney Plus is my favourite application to watch movies during this pandemic. They have almost EVERYTHING on there! Hours and days of classic fun.

Make a cardboard fort

If your aware, Kim Kardashian recently went viral when planning this activity for her kids. Now, although it’s an old trick in the book to make a cardboard fort, Kim K gave it a twist, and you know what happens when a celebrity endorses something! It blows up.

Kim used her old empty Amazon boxes out from the garage and put them to good use! She made the kids use them to make a fort.

You can use any type of box or boxes, as long as there big enough to let your kids be creative.

Have a treasure hunt

My favourite and most played activity with the kids. I feel as if I have more fun planning them than my kids do solving them. Treasure hunts are pretty easy and depending on how many items there are, it can last a while. You have to hide anywhere from 10 to 20 or even more items around the house or outside, which the kids then have to find. The only way they can find them is to solve a clue which will lead up to the next treat. This activity can keep the kids occupied for a few hours.

I use small chocolate treats and hide them around the house, however if you wish to go super healthy you could hide some fruit or even some of there favourite toys who they have to rescue whilst solving the clues. The possibilities are endless, use your brain and be creative.

Cross the Crocs

Another classical favourite. Gather all the cushions around the house, including homemade pillows, and use them as a bridge to cross the imaginary crocodiles swimming around on the floor. The aim is to get all the players from one end of the room to the other room without landing in the water. You can pretend your in a pirates fort and are trapped, you need to rescue the key from one end of the room and bring it back. Again be creative and let their minds go on a crazy fun adventure.

Make TikTok’s

Kids love abit of online fun. Since the pandemic TikTok users have skyrocketed. With almost nearly everyone jumping on the bandwagon, it’s become very addictive to film TikTok’s and become a viral star.

Get Crafty

Gather all the sticker books, arts and crafts, and fun activities that have been collecting dust in the drawers. Now is the time to put them to good use. Get the kids to each make a drawing or a 3D figure with all the crafty items around the house. You can use leftover milk bottles or even cereal boxes. The possibilities for fun activities for tweens are endless. Additionally, you can enhance the creative experience by playing an audio CD in the background, which can inspire the kids’ imagination and make the activity even more enjoyable. Encourage your kiddos to create their own masterpiece by giving them paper, crayons, and colored pencils—or maybe even paint, if you’re feeling adventurous—and watch their art come to life.

Do a science experiment

Chemical explosions, Slime making, Neutrons and Protons, get your science hat on with the kids and have a mini science experiment show. Be safe ofcourse!

Read a book

Don’t fancy a movie? Then read some books with your little ones. A book with lots of animations is the way to go. Kids can doze off pretty fast if the book is not interesting, so make sure to pick a good one!


Now, although this pandemic has closed off schools, it doesn’t mean your kids can just forget everything learnt! Try and include some learning sessions during the week so that your kids minds stay refreshed. Make mentoring and studying fun for them so they feel like actually learning. Include music or even some drama to make it fun.

Overall what ever activity you decide to do with your little ones, ensure to Smile! My kids have no clue what’s going on around the world, what this pandemic is and why we are all on lockdown. They are simply to small to understand any of it. Keep the energy in the house on a high, filled with lots of smiles and laughs.

Stay safe, Stay indoors and Save lives

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