The perfect guide to sleep train your Newborn

For any method on how to sleep train a Newborn, you firstly have to prepare the technique.

How to sleep train your Newborn – The preparation

Sleep training a newborn can be a challenging task for new parents. It is important to seek advice from professionals in order to develop good sleep habits for your baby. Sleep training is not just about letting your baby cry it out, but rather teaching them to fall asleep independently. Pediatricians and sleep consultants can provide guidance on the best techniques and timing for sleep training based on your baby’s age and needs. Remember, sleep training takes time and patience, but it can lead to better sleep for both you and your baby in the long run.

To ensure how to sleep train Newborn training is successful, you have to set the environment.

– This is not mandatory, so don’t fret if you don’t do so

You can set the stage for successful happenings, on how to sleep train a Newborn with some of the suggestions below:

Introduce a bedtime routine. You can start when your baby is as young as 6 weeks, If your baby is older, that’s fine too – it’s never too late.

Newborn sleep is crucial for both the baby and the parents. Sleep training a newborn can be challenging, but it’s important to establish good sleep habits early on. It’s common for newborns to sleep for short periods throughout the day and night, but gradually they will sleep longer stretches at night. To help newborns sleep better, parents should create a sleep-friendly environment, establish a consistent sleep routine, and learn to read their baby’s cues. With patience and practice, newborn sleep can be improved and lead to better quality of life for both baby and parents. White noise, a sleep schedule, healthy sleep habits are all part of a great sleep train routine. Check out my other posts on newborn sleep to help you even more.

What are the benefits of a sleep train newborn bedtime routine?

Your baby will be more relaxed if they know what’s coming next. This will result in sleep success.

The more relaxed they are, the more likely they’ll go to bed easily and fall asleep quickly.

Stick to your routine regardless! Even when you’re not home.

A bedtime routine is good for parents too. It allows some quality 1-2-1 baby and parent bonding time.

I love when the clock hits 8pm in my house. Me and my 4 beautiful children tidy up and go upstairs to get ready for bed. We have a little play and then lie down and relax. They are now ages 6, 4, 2 and a newborn, so as much as its exciting for me, it’s exciting for them too.

How to establish a good bedtime routine?

Once your baby is 3 months old, you’ll know how long he takes to settle down and sleep.

Depending on how long your little one takes, start your bed time routine early. Giving you both enough time to settle and do your rituals in time for sleep time. This will all be part of your sleep training method. For young babies especially, a night time routine is best when it’s kept short and simple. For example, quick bath, into pj’s, have a little story or song and then sleep.

You can play some music for your baby to warm them up and make them relax.

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What kinds of things should be included in a bedtime routine?

Every household will likely have it’s own bedtime routine. However the majority of it matches each others. Parents think similar, don’t we? Here’s a list of common things you can do to prep your baby for sleep.

Ensure your baby is tired

Before you try to settle your baby down for the night, make sure to check – is your baby even tired? Baby’s who are not tired before bedtime can take twice as longer to fall asleep. Have a little game of peek-a-boo or a little wiggle/ dance around to let off some of that energy,

Have a bath

One of the most popular parts of many bedtime routines is a bath. A bath can simply make your baby feel tired. It relaxes the muscles and physically makes your baby want to just relax. It can also make them sleep faster. A bath is a soothing experience however not all babies are fond of them. If your little one doesn’t like bath time, then no need to have this in your bed time routine. You rather not stress your baby out before sleeping.

Teach them young

Your baby’s bed routine can also include washing their face, brushing their teeth, changing the diaper, and getting into their bed time pyjamas. These habits are good to instil at a young age because they will most likely stick to them through out their growing ages.

Play a bed time game

Playing a quiet game is a great way to spend some fun time with your baby before it’s time for bed. A small game of peek-a-boo can entertain and enlighten the mood of your baby before they fall asleep. It allows your baby to sleep on a happy note. A game which will get your baby overly excited or hyper is best avoided and should be kept for daytime.

Say “Goodnight”

A routine I didn’t know existed until my friends tried it with their little ones and it showed success. “Goodnight moon” is enjoyed by many babies as they are carried around the room or the house saying goodnight to their favourite toys, items, people, and other objects.

Read a bedtime story

Even if your baby is small, by reading a story it can help your baby’s development as they grow. Babies love interaction, so by reading a story to them they feel like they are having a conversation with you. You will often here your baby cooing back. You can also have a small chat with them before they sleep.

Sing a song/lullaby

Singing a lullaby is a time-tested way to help to sleep train newborn baby drift off. The popular “round and round the garden” on their little hands often does the trick as they feel the sensations it can help them drift off. It’s a good idea to know a few nursery rhymes for this one.

Play some sleep music

Read here why sleep music for babies is actually very beneficial for your baby’s development and how it can help your baby fall asleep faster, resulting in the happiest baby.

Make sure to make this a consistent bedtime routine so your baby is comfy settling when the clock hits bedtime.

So what routine do you have in place for your baby at night? I would love to know. Leave me a comment down below.

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