How to perform Umrah with kids – Top Tips For Parents

Umrah with kids is a blessed opportunity. Not only have you been called, but your kids have also been called to see the house of Allah (swt).

Umrah is a part of the Islam religion.

Is it safe to perform Umrah with kids?

Yes, it is safe to perform Umrah with kids. However, it’s important to take necessary precautions and plan accordingly. Ensure their safety with proper supervision, comfortable clothing, and sufficient rest breaks. It’s also advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before traveling with kids.

Is an Umrah Visa required for my kids?

Yes! – Getting an Umrah visa for your kids is a simple process. You can apply directly through the Saudi Embassy or go through a licensed travel agent who can help you with the visa process. It is important to note that most GCC residents are now eligible for a Saudi Arabia e-visa, which makes the visa process much quicker and smoother. Additionally, the e-visa allows Muslims to enter for Umrah purposes without needing a separate visa. Make sure you have all the required documents, such as your children’s passports and vaccination certificates, before applying for an Umrah visa. Next up, book your flights however you do for your usual holidays, we opted for a travel agent who specialises in Umrah packages, however many now usually just use or for flights/ hotels. Remember to think about the time you land, your journey time and when you will be checking into your hotel.

Umrah packages price will depend on the time of year you are going.

Minimum Age For Umrah

There is NO minimum age for Umrah. All ages are welcome.

Whilst I was packing for our Umrah trip, I still couldn’t believe that my call had come. The Almighty (Allah swt) had chosen me and my family to visit his house, finally!

So much happiness was gushing inside me, my emotions were running high. Am I really going? I kept asking myself.

Feeling blessed was an understatement, and for anyone planning there trip to Umrah, It should be!

Mecca and Madinah are the 2 most beautiful places my eyes have ever witnessed and my heart has ever felt.

So if your planning your trip to perform Umrah, then this post is for you.

Il break down step by step how we performed our Umrah, not just on our own but how we managed to perform our Umrah with a toddler and an infant!


Will Umrah Be Hard With A Baby

I remember people telling me don’t do it.

Travelling with a toddler and infant?? Are you out of your mind.

How will you pray?

You won’t be able to focus.

Why are you even taking your kids, wait till they grow up, then go.

Yes, these were the ‘not so positive’ responses I got when me and my husband were planning our pilgrimage trip to Saudi Arabia. It’s a spiritual journey you plan for yourself after all.

Did it stop us though? Nope!

We travelled in the month October. Hands down the best decision ever made.

We travelled the month straight after the Umrah packages re-opened which was after the closure for Hajj.

It’s one of the quietest times to travel and since we were travelling with young children it felt like the right time to do so.

I felt when planning this trip I was under a lot of pressure for taking my kids along, going against the norms or breaking the rules or atleast something like that.

Most people were shocked to hear that we would be taking our 2.5 year old and 8 month old along and all I can say to that is I’M GLAD I DID!

Experiencing the most beautiful place on earth with your loved ones is such a surreal experience, a memory, a moment which will last forever in our hearts.

Me and my husband didn’t think twice about arranging childcare, we packed their bags too.

As long as you have your journey planned ahead of time, taking a baby along with you will not be hard.

How Do You Do Umrah For Kids

There are two opinions on this matter.

One, if you wish for your child to perform Umrah (in his own entirety). This would mean, ensuring your child follows all the rules and rituals required for his Umrah to be accepted.

For example, doing his intentions, wearing the ihram clothing, not being able to break the requirements until Umrah isn’t complete etc.

Secondly you can just take your kids along with you to Umrah, but the intention to perform the Umrah will only be for the adults and not the children.

We decided the second option, and many parents do so too.

Until the child isn’t old enough to understand what Umrah is, it’s not compulsory for them to perform it.

Are Children Allowed In Hajj

The same above would apply to hajj also.

Until the child isn’t at the age of maturity, it’s not compulsary for them to perform hajj.

Although taking your child along with you whilst the parent performs it – is allowed.

It may be a little more difficult than performing Umrah though.

Umrah is less crowded and easier to perform and complete.

Hajj on the other hand is a full 5 day constant ritual which can get harder for children to cope with.

Can Pregnant Women Go To Umrah


If you are generally fit and well and less than 37 weeks pregnant (32 weeks if twin pregnancy), Umrah travel is allowed.

You will require a doctors health check and note before travel.

You can read here for tips on how to travel safely when pregnant.

Umrah With Toddler And Infant

Our Journey

October the 1st – flight departure at 4:15pm.

We chose to travel direct from Manchester (United Kingdom) to Jeddah (Saudia Arabia) via Saudi airlines.

One Word – They were amazing!

As we boarded they greeted us with such friendliness. It was the first time travelling with this airline and I must say we as a family were fully impressed.

The hospitality, friendliness, service were 10 on 10. (not sponsored haha, just honest truth).

My toddler was made to feel so special that he was boarding his first flight ever and was kept entertained through out.

Boarding with children is a bonus as you get to fast track through a lot of places.

Let’s rewind a little so I can explain what I mean.

Boarding Plane With A Child

When going through the airport security check ins, it can take AGES!

However if your travelling with a child or children under the age of 2 years, then you can TAKE ADVANTAGE.

Airports have a normal queue and a fast track queue.

Let the airport security know you have a little one, they will happily escort you into the fast track lane where your not waiting around and are seen as priority until boarding. Great right!

Travelling On Plane With A Baby

Back on the plane, as we took our seats it was time for take off and my 8 month old literally didn’t take long before she fell asleep during it.

Check out how we managed flight takeoff without any upset tummy’s and ears.

The journey was 5hrs50mins to be precise. It felt like a breeze.

If your travelling straight to mecca first then it’s most likely you will be performing Umrah first thing as you land.

Yes we did just that.

1 hour upon landing the flight captain will announce a crossing zone called Miqat.

It’s a boundary point from where pilgrims make their intention that they are to perform Umrah and from that moment they enter a state of ihram.

Entering Ihram

We entered into ihram an hour before landing and prayed 2 nafl on the plane and set our intentions for Umrah.

Saudia Airlines have a space in the back of the plane where a pilgrim can pray their nafl or any prayers they wish to do so.

It’s such a nice thing to accommodate for and I was very impressed.

Entering the state of ihram made me feel so light and sin free already, I began to think how amazing I’d feel once I’d performed Umrah, oh my!

The feeling is so surreal, it’s definitely a beauty to experience.

Upon entering the state of ihram, the pilgrim can start reciting the Talbiya

(Labbayka llāhumma labbayk(a), labbayka lā sharīka laka labbayk(a), inna l-ḥamda wa n-ni’mata, laka wa l-mulk(a), lā sharīka lak.)

This was recited by our dear Prophet (saw) until entering masjid ul haram.

Landing in Jeddah

12.30am – We landed in Jeddah.

Upon landing I’d made sure that I had fed both my toddler and infant.

Knowing Jeddah airport it can take a while getting through security and passport control before we reach the hotel, so I made sure I was prepared.

What Things Are Required For Umrah On The Plane

Travelling with kids isn’t easy but can be if you PRE-PLAN.

  • Don’t leave things last minute as it will just cause chaos, and you really don’t want that.
  • Tantrums on the plane because their hungry or upset, because they can’t find their favourite toy, that’s a NO NO.
  • Organize your bag so you have plenty of snacks and toys in reach to keep them entertained.
  • Change their diapers if they are in diapers on time!
  • Most importantly keep their belly’s full so that way their happy and content.

Pack Extra Supplies If Required

My toddler is a Type 1 diabetic.

So for me, time management was most important.

I made sure his blood sugars were checked continuously and he was fed during flight to keep his sugar levels fine.

My infant is a healthy bubbly formula fed baby, Alhamdullilah.

She just needed to be fed on time and it was all happy games.

Once landed my husband held the infant and I hand-held the toddler and the hand luggage.

Jeddah airport wasn’t the best experience if I’m honest.

Although the airport was super quiet and almost empty, the airport security still took what felt like forever to check our passports and let us pass through passport control.

Then to top it up, they released the baggage almost 2 hours after landing.

Regardless of the fact that we were stuck at the airport for 2 hours waiting for luggage, the fact that we were in the state of ihram really helped us maintain our cool.

Everyone there was just so calm and with the help of Allah (swt) even the kids did not get agitated for a single second. Alhamdullilah.

Travelling To The Hotel

We already had our taxi pre-booked with the travel agency we used for Umrah.

It was waiting for us as we left the airport to take us to the hotel.

The journey from Jeddah airport to our Makkah hotel took just over 1 hour.

The hotel we chose to stay in was the 5 star Hilton Suites Jabal Omar.

Main reason for this was due to its proximity.

It is one of the closest hotels to masjid ul haram with just a 2 minute walking distance from it’s gates to the mosque itself.

It’s practically in front, just crossed the road and wa-lah! your in the mosque.

This hotel was amazing.

I mean the reviews on the net speak for themselves.

It literally is a beautiful hotel to stay in.

Most hotels around the surroundings of masjid ul haram are either 5 or 4 stars, all within walking distance.

The 3 star and below’s fall slightly further away. I’d recommend if travelling with kids or the elderly, then book close.

It saves time, especially if your in and out of the mosque after each prayer.

My main reason was also diaper change. I wanted to ensure I had a close hotel so I could run back if needed.

Prepare For Prayer

Once checked in, we had a 30 minute rest in our hotel room.

I fed my kids a snack and some milk as they were both awake and just then we heard our first Azaan. Azaan-e-tahajjud. Oh my!

My ears have never felt or heard anything as beautiful.

Hearing it on t.v was so different compared to hearing it live, and as our hotel was right outside masjid ul haram we could hear it loud and crystal clear. So beautiful!.

I grabbed my backpack which contained my infants milk, diapers, change of clothes, my toddlers diabetic supplies and some water. Off we went!

The hotels concierge approached us to ask if we would like to use their wheelchair for my toddler in case he got tired during Umrah.

This was such a sweet gesture and such a money saving blessing.

Hiring a wheelchair from the mosque can cost a few riyals, around 20-50 riyals. Purchasing your own from the pharmacy can cost even more! We were lucky the hotel offered to let us borrow theirs for free.

Entering masjid ul haram

Remember when we entered the state of ihram? on the plane?

Yes, I mentioned it is recommended as the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) to recite the Talbiya until entering the mosque and beginning tawaf.

All that time the Talbiya was on my tongue and how amazing is this, I didn’t even realize.

It was like my heart and tongue were both working together to ensure I continued reciting it without feeling any pressure to do so. Like second nature you can say! Subhan-Allah.

Haram structure

Masjid ul haram has 4 main gates to enter and several doors within those where you can enter from.

They are all numbered.

Just remember the gate that’s closest to your hotel and you won’t get lost.

Another easy reminder from where you entered is the Clock Tower. I mean that’s huge and hard to miss. We entered from King Fahad gate.

Entering The Mosque

As you enter the masjid make sure to read the ‘entering mosque dua’.

If your anything like me and forgot to learn it (woops), don’t worry.

They have it written on the wall outside for you.

I was so mesmerized when I entered the mosque. It’s so so beautiful.

Still couldn’t believe that we were finally here.

You have to walk a little further into the mosque before you can see the Kaaba.

It’s in the center on the lower floor.

The structure of the mosque is like so: there is a lower floor (where the Kaaba is), a ground floor, (where all people enter from), 2 top floors (extra prayer facilities and space to do tawaf, made for those with wheelchairs) and a roof floor (open roof of the mosque).

I remember walking along the inside of the mosque waiting and waiting to set my eyes on the Kaaba and see it for the first time.

The feeling still gives me goose bumps when I think about it.

It was literally perfect.

We walked for around 2 minutes before we reached the centre of the mosque and there it was! Subhan-Allah the holy Kaaba!

None of this world’s beauty can compare to the Holy Kaaba.

From seeing it on t.v to finally seeing it with my own real eyes was such a blessing and a moment I could not thank my Allah (swt) enough for.

Alhamdullilah. You wouldn’t think a black box building could look or feel so beautiful right? Well you have to see the Kaaba then, because you will be blown away!

Seeing The Kaaba First Time

I just couldn’t take my eyes of the Kaaba.

Was it because I knew it’s my Allah’s home?

Was it the love I had for my religion which made it feel so beautiful?

Or was it because it’s the center of the world and the only place I first time in my life felt safe! I just don’t know.

At this moment I just stared and prayed for what my heart desired.

I felt so much inner peace it was unreal.

My toddler was literally in Aw! he was so happy to see the Kaaba in real life that he couldn’t stop smiling.

We made our way down from the escalators onto the ground floor. And there it was, standing right in front of our eyes. The Holy Kaaba!

We made intention to begin tawaf.

This is circulating the Kaaba 7 times.

My toddler sat in the wheelchair and I held my infant using a baby carrier.

I got my baby carrier from Ebay last minute.

It was amazing. She comfortably fell asleep whilst I did my 7 rounds.

My husband pushed the wheelchair.

I was told pushchairs are not allowed on the ground floor during tawaf whereas wheelchairs are.

However this was not the case. They are both technically the same thing infact a pushchair is smaller in size so why wouldn’t it be.

Is Stroller Allowed In Haram?

For anyone travelling now to Umrah, I’d recommend taking your pushchair if your child is comfortable in it, they are allowed and we didn’t get stopped during our tawafs there even once.

As we didn’t know this on our first day we of course opted for the free wheelchair, thanks to Hilton Suites.

How To Perform Umrah

When starting your tawaf you start at the Black Stone corner.

Beginning with raising your right hand in the air and reciting “Bismilah, Allah hu Akbar x 3 times”.

It is all labelled up and marked out to assist first timers so don’t worry if you feel you’ll get lost, you wont!

After completing our 7 rounds we made our way to Makam-e-Ibrahim.

This is a golden pillar next to the Kaaba which holds the stone foot prints of prophet Ibrahim a.s.

Here one prays 2 nafl.

Me and my husband took it in turns.

I stood with the kids whilst he prayed and vice versa.

After all, team work makes dream work.

Bare in mind my kids were fully fed before starting Umrah so they didn’t cry or get agitated during it.

My infant actually fell asleep throughout 🙂

Do carry some snacks in case they get tired as it can be abit lengthy for small children, especially this next stage.

After reading our 2 nafl we headed towards the holy water, Zam Zam water.

Oh wow it’s so delicious.

You have to drink some Zam Zam water before beginning Sai (safa-marwa).

We nourished ourselves with a lot of water and I fed the kids too. We felt so energized and pure after, it was amazing.

When planning Umrah with kids, it’s important to keep them occupied and comfortable during the long hours of prayer and walking. Bringing snacks and toys can be a great way to keep them entertained. Additionally, it would be a good idea to take your child’s device of choice if they use one for entertainment whilst in the hotel or during airport waiting times. You can preload content your child prefers or one of the many child-friendly Islamic apps with games and prophetic stories, so you are not dependent on internet availability. Also, there are plenty of Zamzam water stations available in the mosque, so carrying an empty water bottle can be helpful to refill it at these stations. Also, staying hydrated with zamzam water is crucial during the Umrah journey.

Then next comes Sai (the walk between Safa and Marwa). This is the 5th stage of the Umrah. Il break it down for you:

6 Stages Of Umrah (rituals of Umrah)

1st stage – Ihram and Talbiya

2nd stage – Tawaf (7 rounds around the Kaaba)

3rd stage – 2 nafl behind Makam-e-Ibrahim or anywhere in the mosque is accepted too

4th stage – drink Zam Zam water

5th stage – Sai (safa and marwa)

6th stage – haircut

Sai is around the distance of 2.5miles.

You begin walking from mount Safa to mount Marwa and do that 7 times back and forth.

From this moment me and my husband switched child duties. He strapped the infant to himself in the baby carrier as she was asleep.

I took the responsibility of pushing the wheelchair along with my toddler in it for the 7 rounds.

This is a good time to hand some snacks, small toys to your children if they start moaning a little due to tiredness. A pack of crisps or some biscuits usually does the trick.

My husband finished Sai before me and we both met at mount Marwa (the end meeting point) as that’s where it ends.

We then made our way to the barber shop.

He needed a full head shave whereas I just needed a little trim.

The barber shops are located in several places, best to ask a local and they will direct you. We found one just near the clock tower mall and straight after we headed back to our hotel room for a shower and some sleep.

How Long Does Umrah Take To Perform

Our whole Umrah from stage 2 to 6 took us around 1 hour 30 minutes.

I think that’s pretty impressive considering we had young kids with us too.

It’s totally doable and so rewarding too.

Now that we had performed our Umrah that’s it. We had the remaining days to just pray, sight see and chill, a relaxing holiday you can say.

If your planning Umrah with your littles ones, honestly go for it.

Allah swt will help you along the journey and make it super easy for you just like he did for us. It was a great Umrah journey and a great Umrah experience, Alhamdulilah!

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