How much weight should a baby gain per week

Once your little bundle of joy arrives into the world, is it just me, or does everyone around you ask the same popular question. Whats the baby’s weight? So how much weight should a baby gain per week? Or month? Let’s have a look.

It’s natural to be fascinated by your baby’s weight. After all it’s the ultimate indicator to how your baby is doing in his new life. It’s an important sign they are feeding well and a positive indicator that your little one is happy and healthy.

In the first few days of your baby’s life, your baby’s weight will fluctuate. Some gain and some lose.

That can often leave parents fretting about whether or not their baby’s growing at the right pace.

This concern is totally understandable.

My first born lost weight in the first few days and then by day 10 started gaining in teeny weeny amounts.

However my second born was a trooper. She gained daily and didn’t lose a single ounce. All babies are different and all babies grow and lose weight to adapt to their body’s in the best way possible.

Once you’ve had your baby and you bring baby home, your midwife will visit regularly in the first 2 weeks (day 3,5,and day 10) to perform regular checkups to monitor your little one’s weight. So don’t be worried as you wont be left alone.

Wondering what happens after birth? Read here on how to aftercare for your baby as soon as it arrives into the world.

If your baby gains weight, this is never a concern. Nor will the health visitor be concerned. Just carry on doing what your doing, as its clearly working. It’s only drastic weight loss which will require a health check to see if baby is fine.

The difference I noticed with my second born and why she gained daily was because she was breastfed. They do say however, breastfed babies lose more, with me it was the opposite case.

Every manoeuvre in parenting differs to another.

A health visitor is there to support you if your baby loses a large amount of weight or doesn’t regain their birth weight within two weeks. If you have any worries then get in touch with them as first point of contact. They will reassure you that everything is fine depending baby is feeding well and is healthy.

When the health visitor visits they will want to know all about how the feeding is going. If you decide to breast feed your child, this is a great time to show the health visitor how your baby latches on and whether your baby is making the most out of your breast feeds.

If your struggling, you can ask for a specialist breastfeeding community consultant to pay a visit. She will show you how to breast feed or make the bond stronger.

Does my pregnancy affect my baby’s weight?

The weight of your little one is determined by your genetics. Whether your a small or big carrier. I’m a small carrier meaning the most heavy I can carry is 7-8ibs. Any thing above – don’t think I’ll be able to walk ha!. Both my babies were between 5-6ibs. I’m a small lady myself should I add.

It also and most importantly depends on your health and nutrition during your pregnancy.

You will be examined throughout your pregnancy to ensure your baby is growing at the right pace. This is then placed on the centile book your midwife gives.

Through out your pregnancy the midwife will be performing fundal height measurements (generally defined as the distance from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus, measured in centimetres’) during your pregnancy.

The measurements are then jotted down in your notes. If there are any concerns, you may be referred for a growth scan, but it’s important to remember that it’s not just about the weight of the baby, but also tracking the consistency throughout pregnancy.

Newborn baby weight loss – is this normal?

Babies can lose up to 10% of their birth weight in the first few days.

Your baby should have gained this again by around day 10.

There are many reasons baby’s can lose weight. Don’t fret, it’s normal.

babies are born with a little extra fluid inside them, which they swiftly get rid of within a few days. I don’t blame them, they have literally come out of a sack of water.

It can take your baby a little while to get used to drinking milk. Typically longer for breastfed babies as it can take a few days for mummy’s milk to fully release or for them to learn how to latch on. Secondly if the baby is formula fed, they will take it in small increments, to get used to the flavour and teat style.

How often should baby be weighed?

For the first 10 days of baby’s life, he will be weighed when born, 3rd day, 5th day and 10th.

After the first two weeks, you really don’t need to weigh your baby that often.

Here’s a general guide, as of when you should weigh your baby if required:

Once a month, up to six months of age

Twice from 6-12 months of age

Once every three months over the age of one

Being honest, iv never weighed my babies after 10 days. I kind off just go off the back of how well their clothes fit on them and how tubby their cheeks are.

However it is important especially when they are still under the age of 1 to see if they are developing properly, and the only way to determine that is by weight.

I am now a regular weigh-er.

Obviously, you can weigh your baby as often as you like, you don’t need to stick to the guidelines listed. However – remember not to become over obsessive if your baby has a sudden dip one month or the other. It’s all part of their natural growth.

Your baby will be weighed more often by the midwives if they have concerns about your baby’s development.

Where to record my baby’s weight?

Towards the end of your pregnancy you will receive a little red book. This is your baby’s personal health book.

You should use this book to record your baby’s weight and height, vaccinations, illnesses etc. Take this along with you to every appointment your baby has with the health visitor, so they can update the notes each time.

So how much weight should a baby gain per week?

It’s hard to say how much your baby will gain per week. Every baby is different.

In the first few weeks however on average, your baby will probably gain about 6oz to 8oz a week in weight.

By about six months, they will probably have doubled their birth weight and be gaining slowly each week from here on.

Average Baby weight chart/Average baby weight by month

Below is an average growth chart for baby boys and baby girls. According to stats baby boys weigh slightly more than girls.

This chart was taken from the World Health Organisation.

Please note: This is just a guide.

If your baby weighs a little more or less, that’s absolutely fine.

Along as they are happy and healthy then they are growing perfectly as they should.

How much weight a baby should gain per month?

Age50th centile weight for baby boys50th centile weight for baby girls
Birth3.5 kg (7.8lbs)3.4 kg (7.8lbs)
1 month4.4 kg (9.7lbs)4.2 kg (7.8lbs)
2 months5.2 kg (11.5lbs)4.8 kg (10.5lbs)
3 months6 kg (13.2lbs)5.4 kg (12lbs)
4 months6.7 kg (14.8lbs)6.2 kg (13.7lbs)
5 months7.4 kg (16.3lbs)6.7 kg (14.7lbs)
6 months7.9 kg (17.4lbs)7.2 kg (15.8lbs)
7 months8.4 kg (18.5lbs)7.7 kg (17lbs)
8 months8.9 kg (19.6lbs)8.1 kg (18lbs)
9 months9.3 kg (20.5lbs)8.5 kg (18.7lbs)
10 months9.7 kg (21.4lbs)8.8 kg (19.4lbs)
11 months10 kg (22lbs)9.2 kg (20.3lbs)
12 months10.3 kg (22.7lbs)9.5 kg (21lbs)

Another thing to bear in mind is the birth weight your baby was born at.

The above chart shows growth for 50th centile which is equal to a 7-ibs baby and thereon. However if you have a baby who weighs more or less at birth then the averages for each month will differ accordingly.

What was your baby’s birth weight? Leave me a comment below

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