Once your little bundle of joy arrives into the world, is it just me, or does everyone around you ask the same popular question. Whats the baby’s weight? So how much weight should a baby gain per week? Or month? Let’s have a look. It’s natural to be fascinated by your baby’s weight. After all […]

Congratulations, are you expecting ? and wondering what to expect when you have your newborn baby in hospital? Your in the right place! A newborn baby is such a bundle of joy. A blessing which is understated. It can be daunting thinking what will happen when your baby is nearly at it’s due […]


Are you good at content creation? If so, then this business opportunity maybe for you! Become a social media influencer and make money in 2020. What is an influencer  Now over millions of people a.k.a influencers make money without ever leaving their bedrooms. To become a social media influencer and make money means you can […]

Many new start up businesses ask the same question. So, what are the benefits of using social media for business? Considering that there are more than 3 billion people using social networks across the globe, is this something a small business should ignore? I hope not! In 2020 Social media will explode to even more reach, […]

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