Which is better Oberlo vs Alibaba :

what is Dropshipping ?

Drop-shipping is one of the most trending businesses at the moment. Popular in the world and fastest online e-commerce platform. The transaction of this platform is more than $248 billion which is more then Ebay and amazon combined.

It is more popular that wholesaling as it doesn’t require an upfront budget. In this business you need not to invest your money on store and holding of inventory for sale.

In this you simplify have to make a sale then your supplier will take the responsibility of shipping and delivery of the products to the hand of your customer.

The main advantage of this business is that you don’t need to worry about storage, packing, warehousing, or transporting your products. Here we will talk about Oberlo vs Alibaba.

Is the drop-shipping business profitable for the drop-shipper ?

Every businessman or woman asks the same question, Is drop-shipping profitable?. According to many successful dropshippers the answer is, YES.

In drop-shipping your cost is very low that’s why people rank it a low-risk business model. You don’t incure running cost like a wholesaler does. When your cost of production is zero then you will always get a huge amount of profit in your business.

What is Oberlo ?

oberlo : https://writtenbysadia.com/

Oberlo is not a platform, it is an application which is self hosted by the Shopify platform. This is where you get a variety of products to import into your store and sell online. These can be from any niche, whether it’s fashion, toys, electronics, beauty and many others products. You have to simply add them to your online store. It’s free of cost to add any kinds of products on to your online store from oberlo. Oberlo is joined with the shopify platform, which is a paid platform. Any one can operate their online store from any where in the world.

What is Alibaba ?


Alibaba is one of the cheapest business models. So You will get different variety of products at low cost than any other business to business (B2B) store.

1. With Alibaba, you can get the products at a low cost and sell them at a good price earning you a nice profit.
2 . Large variety of products available.
3 . It is a great platform for the online businesses to add a variety of products at cheap cost in their store.

Comparison between Alibaba vs Oberlo :

  1. Pricing : In Alibaba, pricing is extremely low in comparison to other drop-shipping business providers. On the other hand, Oberlo provides products at a higher cost.
  2. Shipping charges : Alibaba offers a cheaper shipping cost however can be lengthy in time. Oberlo considers the expense of shipping cost within the item.
  3. Delivery time : Usually Alibaba takes 15 to 45 days to deliver a product to their customer and in oberlo , it takes 7 to 15 days to deliver the products to their customer.
  4. Built in : The alibaba is actually working on the both platform like word-press or woo-commerce but the when it comes to Oberlo it will only work on a Shopify store.

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