What are the important things that one company or business needs when they start :

‘Limited liability business’ is a hybrid of corporate structures and partnership structures. In simple words, limited liability company are those companies in which the members are liable only to the extent of the nominal value of shares held by them.

There are a few basis of a limited liability company :

  1. Perpetual succession : It means that a member of the company may die, retire or suffer insolvency but it will not affect the company as the members of the company cannot affect the existence of it.
  2. Separate legal entity : Company existence is distinct from the existence of it’s members.

There are different types of limited liability businesses such as :

  • Partnership.
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Corporation.
  • Limited liability partnership.
  • Limited Liability partnership : LLP comes under the categories of limited liability business. It has a separate legal entity which also contains the hybrid function of both corporate structures and partnership structures. In this the members can become partners only when :
    a) Declared to be a sound mind form court.
    b) He is discharged insolvent.
    c) He has not applied to be addicted as an insolvent. Read more >>>

How to start a real estate business in the U.K :

To Start the business of real estate in the United Kingdom can provide many benefits. Normally, you don’t need any specific education or qualification background or even any kinds of licensing of practise to start this business career. however if you do wish to pursue your career in this field, it’s best to seek some sort of related knowledge and enter the market with a full proof plan. Competetion in real estate is, let’s say… pretty high!

Before starting, you must learn in-depth about what you will be facing. Knowledge about how too manage properties, gaining experience, preying on your competitors which is key when trying to build your own circle of success in the UK real states business world. There are certain steps you can take to become a successful agent :

Complete a course or degree in real estate :

Although it is not essential to have a degree to become an agent of real estate, it can lead to a strong foundation which can help develop your skills and knowledge. The degree aspect can help boost your skill set to potential clients.

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How to list your business on Google and Google Maps :

There are two ways to start a business listing on google.

Visit “google my business” and here you can claim the ownership of your business.

So, first of all go on “Google” and search a keyword which is regarding your business name, suppose you haven’t already done so, it should show you an option to ” claim your business”. This will be done via google my business later on.

If you haven’t claimed your business yet, then click “Get on Google” and sign in with your google account. After that redirect to the google map section over-there. See a search button on the top header part over-there you can search with your business name. A form will generate and fill up all the important information like business name,country,street address,city,state,zip code, business phone number ,category then . Check a box and click on continue option. Finally you will receive a unique code by google within 48 hours by email to verify.

It’s best not to make any changes in between that time to your business. Otherwise the verification process will begin again from scratch.

When you are filling up the form, make sure all details entered are correct. This will help speed up the process.


How to get business Licenses in the UK and it’s cost :

If you are starting up a new business in the UK then you must have a business license. So in this article we will discuss how to get a business license UK and how much is the cost of the business license in the UK

Needs of business license in the UK ?

In many cases you may not need a business license to trade however in majority of business, you do! Especially when the public is involved. For example when trading alcohol in your local corner shop, or including the lottery stands etc. you need that license. To celebrate any public events and any kinds of street celebrations you need a license to do it.

Others types of businesses which need a license to operate legally in order to trade are: Pet shops, Hotels, Taxi firms, Food outlets, Stationary shop etc. If you want to begin a financial activities business in the UK, such as lending money to others, or recovering debts then you also must have a license from the Financial conducts authority.

How to get a business License in the UK ?

The first step is to know what kind of business license your small business needs. There are many tools which can help you know about what license you need in your business such as “licenses finder tool”. This tool gives you accurate information regarding your business license. The Licenses are generated and granted by the individual local authority. This tools help you to find the correct points of contact to make your application and also guides you if you feel stuck.

This tools help you to find the correct point of contact to make your application and also if you have any doubt, you can talk to your local authority regarding the matters. For example if in the UK you want to play and record music in public, they will guide you to the PPL.PRS authority of music licensing and help you obtain one.

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