Top dropshipping companies UK – Fully Vetted!

Are you on the search for some good dropshipping companies you can work with? Then your in the right place. I’ll reveal the Top dropshipping companies in the UK which are tried and tested!

If you read my previous posts you would have heard me hammering on about how you should avoid dropshipping companies who charge a monthly membership fee and rip you off.

YES! With a little extra hard work you can source your own manufacturers.

So now, you’re probably wondering why I have a post on some of the top dropshipping companies in the UK?

Well the truth is, not all are garbage, in fact some are good to join if your starting up and are completely NEW to the dropshipping world.

It will give you an idea on the business model and whether you wish to even pursue it as a career. It will cut your time in half when doing the research as its already done for you.

It’s a good stepping stone!

And if I’m honest, I also began this way too.

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That’s when I realised that I could actually be making more if I contacted the manufacturer direct. By then I had built the foundations I needed for my store and overcame a few hiccups along the way making my game stronger.

Most of these below are tried and tested. Some are even my favourite.

Top Tip: You can sign up to dropshipping directories and once you’ve chosen the niche you want to form your business in, you can use the supplier recommended to dig further into finding out who the manufacturer is. Have a nose like a fox!

So without further a due! Lets begin…

1. Wholesaledeals  – Top dropshipping companies UK

This directory is by far my favourite. It was one of the first ones I tested when I entered the dropshipping world. They also provide wholesale dealers if you wish to take that route instead.

This is a membership directory and charges a monthly, 6 monthly or yearly fee. It’s very affordable in comparison to others I’ve come across.

They have 3 different types of subscriptions you can choose from. I would recommend the ‘Combo’ subscription

top dropshipping companies UK Wholesaledeals
top dropshipping companies UK Wholesaledeals
top dropshipping companies UK Wholesaledeals

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2. Wholesalefrog – Top dropshipping companies UK

A nice easy directory to navigate. IT’S FREE!

Wholesalefrog have a number of dropshippers listed and even manufacturers. They cover several categories such as:

Home and Garden

Electronics and Accessories

Clothing and Fashion

Giftware and Party

Jewellery and Watches

Toys and Games

Pet supplies

Confectionery and Sweets

Stationary and Office supplies

DIY and Tools

Health and Beauty

Sports and Fitness

And many many more…

This would be the ideal directory to start your research with. It’s free! You have nothing to lose.

3. Chinabrands – Top dropshipping companies UK

This directory has warehouses in several countries such as China, Spain, US, Canada and the UK. So although the name indicates ‘China’, your item will most likely be shipped from a warehouse in the UK upon country selected.

This is another reputable directory which is FREE.

Chinabrands is a HUGE directory! It has almost every category big or small. I love it.

4. Alloverprint – Top dropshipping companies UK

All Over Print is a personalized clothing dropshipping company.

They are based in London and offer local and international delivery.

All Over Print offer some fantastic services

– ON-DEMAND: No need to keep stock. They will print-on-demand when you sell.

 – NO HIDDEN FEES: No monthly payments/fees. You only pay when you submit your order.

 – FAST FULFILMENT: Shipping is in 3-5 days. They print and ship from London, but ship all over the world.

 – RESHIPMENTS: They promise to resend your orders if lost or damaged, for FREE!

All Over Print also allow other platform integration’s such as Shopify or Etsy if you wish to sell to more places, than just Ebay.

5. Styleflow – Top dropshipping companies UK

Style Flow is another dropshipping company which offers clothing.

This company is also free, HOWEVER you must have bought from them in the past before you can be considered for their dropship programme.

This is a good programme for women who occasionally shop on this website and wish to get discounts and offer the clothing line to their Friends or Family at a discounted price.

Shipping is fast (1-3 days) and is within the UK.

6. TBtrade – Top dropshipping companies UK

TB Trade also hold almost every category and is FREE to use.

They also offer free shipping on orders made and dispatch them with a white label not disclosing it’s from them.

Delivery is fast and if ordered before 2pm, they can dispatch item same day. Super fast service means happy customers right?

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Whether it’s electronics, toys, jewellery or t-shirts, or anything else your after, the above company’s can provide you dropship suppliers for them.

Overall dropshipping is still trending in 2020.

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More people just want to earn some extra cash so decide to run this model, whereas some want a full blown business from it. Both are totally doable!

Hard work and dedication is what will be required. Hours of research too. If you can put in the time and effort into building your empire, there’s no reason you should fail.

If you decide to go down the RAW route where you source your own manufacturers, be mindful that it will be time consuming and much harder than just looking up a supplier from a dropship directory.

However, it’s reward will be sweeter, reaping you in – MORE CASH.

Top Tip: When searching for your product manufacturers, look on the 2nd-3rd page of Google. They will most likely be hiding there. Smaller company’s who don’t highly advertise themselves don’t make it to the 1st page of Google. And being human nature, if it isn’t on the 1st page, we don’t want to know. That’s where your missing out on the gold mines.

Do you know any TOP dropshipping companies not mentioned? Leave me a comment below.

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