Start an online store that attracts sales – Full Guide

Starting your online store can be daunting, especially making one that attracts sales. Once you get your first sale, a sense of hope awakens inside. Lets see how you can get that first sale and attract more customers as your store develops. Start with the below.

What’s the key to driving sales?

Successful sales are driven via a marketing strategy. Once you’ve made your online store all pretty, next thing to do is attract customers. But how?

With the internet being such a large galaxy, how will someone find your store?

Via Marketing! YES!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. How you decide to advertise your store totally decides how much cash you’ll make. Get the showcasing right and everything else becomes alright. Fail to understand the situation or disregard it, you’ll go through years on your store without selling a thing.

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How to pick a marketing strategy

Prior to you even consider building a site, picking a logo, or discovering clients, you need a strong showcasing strategy. Picking your advertising technique is crucial.

Most online stores utilize one of three advertising systems:

1.Search engine optimization

2.Paid advertising

3.Platform advertising

Let’s break them down into more detail.

Search engine optimization for Online Stores

This is a pretty basic method: You discover the extensive keywords for the item/service you will be offering, then get Google to rank you, for those keywords.

In this model, top competitors such as Amazon, Argos, Walmart, IKEA and other large stores can usually take the place. However you can still steal that top position on Google by focusing more on Long tail keywords which will drive the boat load traffic to your online store instead.

Website design enhancement has a couple of advantages that are perfect for a business:

Search traffic normally has the most elevated volume of traffic of any traffic source.

Indeed, even at scale, search traffic can be hugely beneficial.

Reliable, high volume, and beneficial. It’s all that you could need.

Although this technique sounds basic, it can take time to acquire that position on Google first page at top rank. It can take anywhere from 3–6 months to see your site show up on the first or second page of list items for a keyword.

The traffic volume will be truly little until you get your page into the main 1–3 rankings on a keyword.

What you need to include on your online store if you go with this method?

Streamlining your online store for item keywords.

Building valuable and drawing in content for non-item related keywords that are likewise in your niche. This helps your item pages rank.

Making your online store pop so it catches your visitors eyes instantly.  

Paid advertising for Online Stores 

Some online stores do astoundingly well with paid advertising. This incorporates supported posts on Instagram and Facebook, and paid outcomes in Google search. Paid promoting includes advertisement positions you purchase.

The greatest paid showcasing channels right currently are Facebook and Instagram. Instagram specifically has gotten mainstream for online stores over the most recent couple of years.

In any case, think about the mood that somebody has while looking through a Facebook or Instagram channel. They’re unwinding for a couple of moments, liking a couple photographs, and leaving comments for pages and people they follow.

It’s a great time for you to make your online paid advertise STAND OUT.

Items that sell adequately in a marketplace are additionally prone to do well with a paid advertisement on Facebook or Instagram.  

Exceptionally visual and eye-catching ads is what you should aim for. . This is the reason clothing companies do so well on online market places as they catch a readers eye instantly. Especially if it’s a new trending item.  

Your offer should attract a customer within 3 seconds.  

A well valued product – over pricing your items will also allow the readers to overlook your item regardless of how good it may be. Try to keep an eye on your competitors and their pricing and price your within the range.

If your item meets all the above requirements, then you should truly consider paid advertising.

The greatest drawback to paid advertising is that you’ll need to put away a lot of cash before you know whether you can turn profit.

Key Fact: Most expert paid advertisers need 3–6 months before their campaigns become profitable. So be cautious and ensure you don’t contribute beyond what you can stand to lose here. In the event that money is excessively close for you, pick one of the other marketing choices.

Platform Advertising for Online Stores

Rather than making your own store and utilizing a sort of advertising to secure traffic, you’ll use one of the ALREADY established platforms to gain attraction. These included platforms such as:




It’s certainly the best option to utilise an already established platform, if your starting new here.

It will give you the experience required to then move onto owning your online store.

The most popular platform globally is Amazon. It’s crowd is a lot bigger which gives you more opportunities to sell. Amazon has almost every niche on their platform, so you can definitely find your fit. 

If your into creative hand crafting art, then Etsy will be a great option for you to begin with.

eBay is also a platform where you can buy and exchange sales. It sits slightly on a smaller scale to Amazon.

Focusing on your store on these platforms is also essential. It can boost your presence and with the correct keywords in your items, you can attract a wider audience who are looking to buy your item.

Getting many 5-star feedback and reviews for your items will boost your presence also to your audience.

Also, ensuring your items have the right keywords in the titles and descriptions will rank your products up higher on the platforms search engine.


The three advertising channels for an online store are:

Search engine optimization — You’ll concentrate on keywords, ranks, back links and connections. Requires: time and persistence

Paid advertising — You’ll pay for positions. Requires: 3–6 months, cash required in advance, and an exceptionally visual, easy to capture item which can drive traffic. 

Platform selling – like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay — You’ll concentrate on winning items and piling up 5-star feedback. Requires: Focusing on understanding hot products which you can sell onwards. 

Pick only ONE and focus on building it up with an adequate strategy.

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