5 Key Social Media Trends on the increase in 2020

Welcome to 2020 everyone. This year is key for changes in Social media trends in 2020!

social media trends in 2020

One thing on our January goal list is to keep our business running ofcourse! Right?

So what better way to do that by predicting the future. Joke! We are not predicting anything on this page. Were giving facts!

Social media trends are changing almost daily, with new tools and utilities being rolled out, adding more ways to connect, to track and maximize your online marketing performance. WOW! That’s a lot going on behind the social media scenes.

I always like to analyse trends around me and see what’s going on.

What’s taken off previous year and what’s going to be trending this year.

Here’s how we think social media marketing in 2020 will evolve.

I mean, if your anything like me and want to be one step ahead, then you should be aware of these upcoming social media trends.

Let’s start with Social media platforms.

Now, how fast did “Stories” on Social media erupt!

First it was Snapchat, then Instagram followed, soon it was Facebook that added the section for stories and now I see its on YouTube too.. whaaaa!!

1. Stories (A marketers new Best friend)

To recap – For quiet a while, Stories were exclusive to Snapchat only, but then Instagram and Facebook Stories came out, and now even YouTube has it’s own stories format.  

Stories can provide viewers with more authentic insight, as the videos are often created on the spot. It’s live.

Viewers LOVE live. They get to see what their famous influencer or friend is doing right there and then.

Stories have a huge range of opportunities, if used the right marketing way.

Since Stories content disappears rather quickly,  life span is usually 24 hours. It’s the perfect time for marketers to capitalize their sales.

Marketers can offer flash sales and deals that only loyal users will learn to look for. It’s a super opportunity to increase sales in 24 hours.

It can also bring in new users looking to take advantage of “insider” specials, which is a way to skip taking out an expensive sales ad.

Nowadays business sales erupt in 24 hours. Why? Because of stories.

Have you ever seen your favourite social media influencer, bust out some vitamins with an exclusive discount code? Or some exclusive one day offers on their story? YES they are being paid to do that, well not all.

According to terms and conditions influencers mentioning brands in their stories who are being paid to do so, have to mention the words “ad”or “gifted”.

 Stories can also give those that use them daily a way to instantly grow engagement – you can add polls to your Stories, or ask questions that can be answered with a simple click, provide a purchase link and just overall 1-2-1 communicate with your fellow followers directly.

Stories build trust and rapport with your viewer.

Do you have a brand and wish to grow in 2020? Get on those stories my lovelies.

Stories can add real value to your viewers and build that trust INSTANTLY.

2. Influencer Marketing Will only Grow

According to research, 60% of marketers plan on increasing their influencer budget in 2020.

That’s definetly something to think about there. It’s clearly working.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placements from influencers.

Review’s speak better than ad’s.

They get more response

It’s simple as that.

Ads congest the consumers feed, there just always in your face!

Load a new website and an ad pops up, before you can find the cross button, you end up exiting the whole website!

That’s a premium customer lost there and then.

More than ever before, consumers are now seeking reviews from people they trust when making purchasing decisions. These people can be friends and family, but the circle of trust has now grown to people they follow on social media, ranging from celebrities to niche artists and experts in specific fields.

Admit it, before buying a product, you Google it’s reviews for sure! What better review than having your favourite person pre-test the product for you.

Check out this website which pays you to review products

Going forward into 2020, the growth is in micro-influencers.

Small business and start-ups alike simply don’t have a large budget to compete with larger brands on the same stage.

I mean 1 million dollars for an Instagram post from Kylie Jenner, no ones got that money (apart from some).

That’s why social media is becoming a brilliant platform for smaller businesses to invest in micro influencers.

2020 – A larger opportunity for micro-influencers

3. Shopping on Social Media

This is a trend that began in 2019, so you can imagine it’s just going to grow.

You no longer need to leave a certain site or platform in order to make a purchase or a product you’ve found.

Now, with just a few clicks, you can go from seeing something you like while scrolling Instagram to sharing your credit card information and making a purchase right then and there. Giving consumers this type of ease and speed can cut your sales funnel almost in half.

Large brands have access to these types of tools, however in 2020 smaller businesses and start-ups will get the chance to integrate this, all in 1 shopping system.

I’ve made a number of purchases myself this way.

Liked a product on Facebook? Or from a blogging website? Easy! With a few clicks and Paypal details entered, I’ve managed to purchase the product and go back to where I left off. Simple!

4. Augmented Reality (AR) – Seeing before buying.

Similar to VR (virtual reality) but in reverse!

Augmented reality delivers virtual elements as an overlay to the real world.

It can help online retailers significantly reduce returns by providing an engaging ‘try-before-you-buy’ digital experience.

Up to 30% of items purchased are returned. Augmented reality will help reduce that by letting consumers see the purchase in their reality setting before purchasing.

This function is evolving. With increased application for eCommerce, product discovery, special offers, and more.

For example, Large retailer IKEA gives consumers the chance to see how the items will look in buyers’ own homes via its AR app.

Realtors, for example, can take prospective home owners on virtual tours of homes

Makeup companies can enable potential customers to try on their products anywhere they are holding their phone.

There’s a heap of potential in this type of technology.

Many Apps also allow you to try eye glasses before your purchase. Find the right lipstick shade whilst sitting on the couch, or even choosing your bedroom design!

It’s virtually fantastic! 2020 will be huge for this feature.

5. Chatbots

I personally believe Siri is the legendary Chatbot! No one can beat him/her.

However with ecommerce and businesses nowadays, The chatbot feature is in demand.

Chatbot effectiveness is being improved by “understanding” what users are writing to them. Brands no longer have to stock the bots with canned answers, as chatbots can, in a way, surf the web to find the answers consumers are seeking.

It’s also a huge money saving investment. You don’t need to hire a professional and pay them hourly, when you can just utilize a chatbot to do the job.

Of course, bots can’t answer every single question, nor do they allow the personalization of talking to an actual human – but a lot of time can be saved for the customer service workers by handing over the common questions, changes to addresses and passwords to the chatbots.

Chatbots are also able to talk to multiple people at the same time, offering something our current customer service teams cannot.

Chatbot intelligence will only continue to grow in 2020, which will likely see more consumers taking them up, and more brands following that trend.

There you have it. 5 Social media trends which will take a leap in 2020.

Which one will you implement in your business? Leave me a comment below.

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