Social Marketing Concept – why it’s important?

Social marketing concept covers the needs of it’s market audience. It’s important that a business effectively and efficiently satisfies it’s customers.

Furthermore, businesses using this method can easily ensure that fair competition and proper customer satisfaction is being met.

Social Marketing concept – The four P’s

A Social marketing concept campaign covers four integral parts which are covered by the four p’s. These include:

Price – Keeping the customers in mind, the social marketing concept has to spell out the price a consumer is to spend on a product or service and ensure they aren’t overpricing. Basically, the price needs to be affordable to consumers. This will ensure that they can purchase your product or services, which in return will boost your sales and generate more profits. In fact, that is a sign of effective marketing.

Promotion – Social Marketing is meant to create awareness about a new or existing product or service. So ensure to use an effective promotion program which will bring in those customers. 

Place – A social marketing strategy has to take care of the geographical location of customers. Therefore, an organization has to know the exact location of it’s customers for efficient marketing. This way it can target and cater it’s products more affectively to target more sales.

Product – An organization has to ensure that the product meets the customer’s needs. This is essential in conducting successful marketing. Once the need is met it shows there is a demand for this product in the long run.

Social Marketing Concepts continued….

A social marketing concept encourages that the company uses it’s vast knowledge about the society to attract customers. Some of the key points a business should consider are:

Consumer health

Social marketing emphasizes consumer’s health always. This is a requirement by businesses producing products with chemical and organic ingredients. The food category requires this to be approved before it can start selling to the market. They should ensure that the products are safe for consumption.

Eco-friendly marketing

If your business sells products which are related to the environment, then you need to make sure they don’t tamper with the ozone layer. Businesses who deal with recycled and organic products have to market themselves as environmentally sensitive. Their products ensure the sustainability of the society’s environment hence making it safe to purchase.

Supporting local shops/business and Farms

This section of social marketing focuses on the societal segment. Businesses are expected to support local businesses. This can be through acquiring raw materials from the local farm or local shops. It leads to the growth of local businesses which helps boost the economy.

What makes a social marketing concept important

The Social Marketing concept is very important for businesses as it provides several benefits. For instance, it;

  • Develops managers and entrepreneurs in the society
  • Provides society’s economic growth
  • Facilitates economic planning
  • Enhances the society’s living standards
  • Ensures proper use of economic resources


Overall the aim of the social marketing concept is to ensure adequate customer satisfaction alongside enhancing the living standards of consumers. This way both the business and it’s consumers are happy.

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