How to Sell Handmade Items Online: 2023 strategy for Mums

Sell handmade items online :

How to sell handmade items online is an increasing demand entered in google day by day by new entrepreneurs.

Lets discuss how you can start selling hand made items online from home under your own ecommerce or online platforms.

Knowing the basics is key. You need to have a plan before you decide whether you want to sell handmade items on online platforms.

What are the best online platforms to sell handmade items online?

The best online platforms to sell handmade items online include Etsy, Shopify, Amazon Handmade, and eBay. These platforms have a large customer base, provide easy-to-use interfaces for sellers, and offer various marketing tools to help promote handmade items effectively.

There are many platforms which are very popular in providing your business the best place to start online. These are well known popular E-commerce platforms. These platforms also provide several benefits for new business start ups.

Popular handmade goods in demand to sell online:

There are lots of categories/ handmade products that come under handmade items, which you can sell even on your own website or on an online marketplace/online shop.

Choose what best suits your style and also consider your budget and how much you can spend on the products. This is an essential part of planning what to sell especially for business owners. Keep an eye out on what your potential buyers are looking for. Market research for your small business is key!

  1. Clothing : Clothing is a very popular niche in demand on several E-commerce platforms, especially if they are handmade items or your own brand. The designing of the clothes is the key thing to keep in mind when choosing this niche. An attractive, unique design will attract more and new buyers.
  2. Jewellery : Jewellery is also one of the most popular category’s for handmade items. With the help of some Wire ,Fiber, Beads and String you can start to design unique Jewellery structures to sell.
  3. Painting: For those who are good at painting or if you have good marketing skills. Then portrait is the best way to explore your design in your online store as well as offline.
  4. Toys and Dolls : This is a really rewarding and pretty easy handmade item which you can sell online. To start this business you have to craft dolls and toys with the help of Fabric, Fibre, plastic or the necessary material that you require. Imagine all those happy children. Bliss!
  5. Bags : You can create different sizes of bags by obtaining the material you require, like sewing machines to make bag designs such as totes and diaper bags which are a popular style to start with.
  6. Books : Books, you can either create from scratch or you can buy old and new books and you can sell them online for profit.

How you can smartly explore your online business :

If you have listed your product on big platforms like Amazon ,Flipkart, Ebay, Oberlo, or even Etsy. It can be quiet challenging to sell your products due to the high competition. Consider your strategies before entering into this field. Lets see other ways you can sell your product on a daily basis.

3 ways to sell your products to online platform :

  1. Social Media : This is one of the biggest platforms to explore your business online. Here you can promote your product in free and paid also because both options are open. Lets look at free promotion first. For free you can post your items on your Facebook post and on E-commerce platform related groups. You can join as many groups as you wish, just remember to post your products daily to them giving your audience something new to see daily. For paid versions you can join Facebook ads and advertise your products this way to reach out in quick succession of time.
  2. Google Ads : Google Ads is also same as Facebook ads where you have to setup your google ads budget to sell online. The only difference is that this is google product. The structure is pretty much the same.
  3. Blogging : Blogging is a very effective way to make your business big. Blogging is not short term goal like Facebook ads or Google ads. Blogging requires long term commitments to succeed. When your blog ranks it will give you more profit for your products.
  4. Local market and even craft stalls are a great idea to attract instant sales on the day.

These are some of the popular and basic ways to grow your business and get it out there. What method have you implemented? Leave me a comment below.

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