Home-Based Online Data Entry Jobs: Perfect for Mums

Online Data entry jobs in USA and UK are readily available. They are required almost in ANY type of business.

They require very little specific training, so it’s fairly easy to get started.

Basic online Data entry jobs in USA and UK are at Entry Level – so anyone can do them without any large amounts of professional background or degrees required.

Data entry is mostly online based – It requires a computer. The benefit of this type of work is that it can be done from ANYWHERE in the world. It’s remote!

And finally, data entry is easy. It’s not scary to get started – Anyone between the ages 16+ 60+ can do it!

Data entry is highly surfing people who wish to work from home doing this type of job. It’s easily outsourced than head counted in the office. Types of jobs include data entry clerk, data clerk, data entry specialist, data management and transcription jobs.

Remote jobs offering hybrid work are in high demand in 2023 and will continue to grow in 2024.

So if you have essential data entry skills, then keep on reading.

Is it possible to make a full-time income from online data entry jobs?

Yes, it is possible to make a full-time income from online data entry jobs. However, it requires dedication, efficiency, and the ability to find consistent work. It’s important to research reputable companies and create a strong online presence to attract clients and increase earning potential.

How to get online home Data Entry jobs

What skills are required, if any?

  • Computer literate: As a data entry worker, you need to have basic computer use skills: know how to operate a computer, install software, keep it updated and use its keyboard and mouse functions. Also be able to use word processing software (Microsoft Word, Google Docs), spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel, Sheets) and more depending on how in depth the role is.
  • Typing Skills: You need to be able to type quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. Don’t forget to double-check your work. With platforms now like grammerly (link) it makes data entry work even easier. Grammarly proof reads and checks the work for you. Bonus!
  • Organization: You should be good with organization and always pay great attention to detail.
  • Good Communication: Ability to clearly and effectively communicate is important to data entry. Although you may be based remotely, team work still comes into affect at times.

Unless you have high intolerance to repetition, data entry can get old – you’re doing the same task over and over with only minor variations. So if you have a keen eye to rinse and repeat, then this type of role is perfect for you!

You should also be good with sitting at your computer for long periods of time. Invest in good office accessories (link to work comfy from home) if you decide to work from home doing data entry.

Equipment Needed for online data entry jobs

  • Home computer with latest windows software installed.
  • High-speed Internet access. 
  • A notepad. To keep an eye on those nitty grotty numbers entered.
  • A comfortable home office. Check my previous post on all the things you will need to ensure your home office is comfortable. (link)

Are online data entry jobs worth it?

Although not a lot of good money is made doing data entry. It is one of the most easiest jobs to do without having the requirements of higher education.

Saying that though, you’d think “oh that’s great, means I can get a job fast”


The competition for data entry jobs is steep.

When people do get that data entry job, they stick through it!

Hate to break it to you, but… they don’t leave.

I worked for a data entry job for over 8 months, took me forever to get it, but once I did, boy! was I happy!

Your probably thinking why? Why would you go your way out for it then? If it pays pennies?

Simply because, its easy! Easy to do if you’re a work at home parent like me!

It’s flexible. I can do it with my family. Noise is not an issue. I love data entry!

I’m sure many parents do to.

The companies below are vetted, however I would still ask you to be vary of scammers. Yes they exist in this industry also. Check here on how to avoid scams (link to 13)

I got an email from a data entry company outsourcing for “post orders” once. To get access to the team I had to pay $20.

Young me went and paid. I received a pdf file with a definition of what data entry was and THAT’S ALL! No job.

Lesson learnt!

Always be careful especially when they ask for payment. Never do it!

Legit online Data Entry Jobs from Home

Axion Data Entry Services – Axion is a good site to be registered on.

Although they don’t have openings all the time, they will send out alerts when they do. Be mindful as the spots get filled up pretty quick.

They also only work with independent contractors. In order to qualify with them, you should have 2 to 3 years experience in data entry. They require a typing speed of 50 WPM with no errors.

They pay per project completed. Axion also requires a nominal fee to keep you registered in their database in case of future openings – they are not a scam.

Appen – Appen almost have jobs available ALL THE TIME!

This company is great for data entry. It mostly consists of social media data entry projects. I am personally a part of this company and they are very fun to work with. The pay is per project. Can range from $20-$150 depending on the time it takes to complete.

Clickworker – This platform has over 1.8m registered users. It allows you to sign up and become part of a pool of folks who complete tasks for Clickworker’s clients.

Data entry is one of those tasks, and others include proofreading, copy editing, web research, surveys, and more.

Once you sign up (for free), you fill out your profile and complete short assessments to demonstrate your abilities. The number of jobs available to you depend on how well you perform, and providing excellent work means your earnings will increase.

You work your own schedule, they take care of invoicing, and you’re paid either monthly or weekly through PayPal. It’s a win win situation.

The Smart Crowd – The Smart Crowd offers many microtasks – many of which revolve around data entry.

You work when you want and as much as you want.

To work with them, register on their site for free: they evaluate you and then match you with tasks that fit your skills. Payment is issued once a month.

Working Solutions – A very straight forward website to navigate. Working Solutions periodically offers work that involves data entry.


In order to work with them, you’ll need to fill out an online application and follow it up by taking some assessments. It’s really easy as the steps are layed out for you.

Once you’re an agent, you will have the opportunity to review and put yourself forward for programs you think match your skills. Each program pays differently, and payment is made either via direct deposit or mailed cheque.

Agents can earn the equivalent of anywhere from $9 an hour to $30 an hour, depending on the program. Your income will vary, based on the work you are doing, your performance, how much work is available, and how much time you put in.

Do you work in Data entry? Leave me a comment below if so.

Happy data entrying my lovelies

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    Iam interested in Data entry work,iam a graduate in Batchelor of Arts and Batchelor of Education

  2. Hello
    Thank you for your kind informations.
    Iam interested in Data entry work,iam a graduate in Batchelor of Arts and Batchelor of Education

  3. Aslam o alaikum. My name is Mashaim. I want to do this job . I need home based job . Plz help me how is it possible.

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