Internet marketing business

7 profitable internet business ideas :

1. One products selling company :

The one product selling company is what the name says. It’s an online internet business where instead of selling products for a whole niche, you sell ONE product. A deep research conducted product which will bring you sales. The idea has to be new and advanced. An example of a one product selling company is “software”. People will buy a software of you to use or get information. They only need one of it! Hence the name describes – a one product selling company.

2. Online internet business video course :

Online video courses are the current craze. No more paper reading – or reading instructions to follow steps etc, it’s all about simply watching videos and learning from them. Online markets such as Udemy are high profitable. People from all over the world create videos and share them on this platform to teach others their skills. They simply create video trainings and upload them to, from there they are earning online money.

3. Affilate marketing on niche product’s :

I had several questions asking to explain what “niche” meant. Well, “niche” means a category with a strand of sub-categories inside. For example in the e-commerce world, Your niche could be “homeware” but your products would be all the items that fall under that category, such as bedding, furniture, kitchenware etc. A unique in demand niche is always best to go for, whether your selling on your own store or selling via affiliate marketing, niche is important.

Finding in-demand products is key! and super hard i find. However if you have the right tools it makes life easier. With the help of keyword research tools we can find out about search volume and competition. Tools such as Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SEMrush are all good examples.

4. Mobile app developing

This business comes under digital online services. If you are a tech geek and understand the digital world then this is a full scope business opportunity for you.

5.Blogging and You-tube :

Blogging, my cosy place. If you have a hand for writing then this career is definitely the one for you. You-tube is also a great platform if you love facing the camera. In fairness, Blogging and YouTube are very similar, one is behind the screen and one is in front. The advantage is you are exploring your thoughts in both visual and written forms. Both blogging and You-tube are not for short term purposes because you will find success in this field after 1 year or so. This field will test your patience.

6. Online job portal :

This idea is also gaining more exposure as time goes on. more profitable . It’s a place where you can provide all types of jobs for people who want to work online.

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7. Digital marketing :

Digital marketing is like a chapter of it’s own. It has various elements you must including Seo, keywords research and google Adwords. Here as a start-up, you can start from freelancing to provide your online services. Right now almost every company want’s a digital marketing service to promote his business product’s around the world.

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