How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2023 – A Quick Guide

How to start a blog and make money in 2023

Finding the Right way to Start a Blog and Monetize it, is one of the most asked questions. I mean if you wish to take your blogging career down the monetization route, surely you need some pathway right?

What are the first steps to take when starting a blog for profit (in a nutshell)?

The first steps to take when starting a blog for profit are to choose a profitable niche, set up a self-hosted blog with a reliable platform and domain name, create high-quality and engaging content, and promote your blog through social media and SEO strategies to attract traffic and monetize it.

Writing an article and posting it here and there thinking it will earn you some money is NOT how blogging works.

I wish it did though!

When I started of blogging, I surely did find this frustrating to grasp. I still do, because there are just so many routes you can take for monetization, however if you follow the basic ones, you can surely begin monetization as soon as possible.

The one drawback to blogging is that it is very time consuming.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money from it.

Set your mind! Just like any other business, you need to remain CONSISTANT. To gain something, you firstly have to sacrifice something. In this case you have to sacrifice your time but in return it will provide you a good amount of income.

In blogging, it can be very difficult to drive traffic into your blog. Once you receive that traffic you then need to monetize it. People are facing lots of It can be difficult to generate traffic in your blog especially if your just starting out. There are many different ways to bring in traffic though, so don’t let that put you down. An email list, social media, search engine optimisation, a target audience, great content and valuable information with some hard work can make this all happen smoothly.

In this articles we will discuss about a few points. Which method is profitable and beneficial for every blogger. If you pay attention to these points you will find you have grown success in your new blog:

  1. Concentration : Bloggers need focus, they need concentration about what is the Right way on how to start a blog and make money. If you have your own blog, try to make it niche focused, one specific industry topic. This way you will grasp attention of the audience interested in your topic pretty quickly.
  2. Best quality : Quality is key for your blog content. Readers come to your blog looking for information which they don’t have. This is why you have to ensure you provide your readers a good quality written piece. If your blog is thin/short then it is not possible to provide good amount of information. For that you have to write a good quality content piece. Quality posts is key to being a successful blogger.
  3. Value : The value is a pre-cursor to income in any industry, especially if it’s the blogging industry. In a blog you have to always try to provide a true piece of information to the reader that will be helpful for them. Search results can help you find your niche which will point you in the right direction to what people are searching for.
  4. Engagement : Write good quality posts and upload informational videos with a clear message. If your information is helpful to them then it is more like they will return to your blog or even purchase from your blog.
  5. Power of authority : If your blog has good authority then you can easily drive traffic to their blog through various social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whats-app, Twitter and many others etc.

How your blog can help you earn money :

  1. Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular sources of money income through a blog. Affiliate marketing is selling other peoples products on your platform for a commission. Big known platforms like Amazon and Clickbank also provide the links to these products and if you will promote the links on your blog you will get commission fees for every successful sale.
  2. Advertisement : If you get an approval for a google advertisement as Google Adsense from google then you can also be able to make money by writing a post on your blog as well as by showing ads in your blog posts. If readers click on those ads then you will earn some money. This can lead to a passive income.
  3. Email marketing : The Email marketing method is a super powerful method to generate money from your blog. You should start making your list from day 1. There are various email marketing companies you can look to join, such as Infusion soft, Aweber, Mailchimp or Convert kit. The way email marketing would work would be, every time you had a new person subscribe to your blog, they would be the first to know about it, so if its a product they want, they will be your first customers. A bit like an online store but with existing customers.
  4. Sell an online course : Many institution blogs are making profit from there blogging. They develop helpful and valuable courses for their readers and through this they earn a positive income. You have probably seen bloggers sell a blogging course right? Yes, them buying your course will be an extra source of income for you.
  5. Secure sponsorship : Sponsorship is a great way of business but for this you need a great amount of organic traffic. Sponsored posts, or big companies like large makeup brands, who would pay to be mentioned on your website would pay you loads of commission too. With the right keyword research you can quickly attract the right traffic making those viewing numbers go up. It can take a long time but if you post on a regular basis and consistently with the tips mentioned above, you will have a successful blog running in no time.

Are you a blogger? Let me know in the comment section below.

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