How To Grow Your Downline In Network Marketing

Updated: This post on how to grow your downline in network marketing has been updated in October 2020 to reflect new and relevant information.

Growing your downline in network marketing is the main goal of the business.

You need to have a downline in place in order to achieve the passive income results required.

How To Get Downlines In Network Marketing

By presenting enticing products to your audience which they would love to sell onwards too.

It’s as simple as that?

Or is it not?

You probably have heard the most famous phrases when being approached by a network marketer. Some of those being:

“The products are so easy to sell, people will love them”

“The services are the best in the world and you will be making money before an eye blink”

“It’s super easy to recruit”

Sound familiar?

Yes, most if not all network marketers, don’t get me wrong it may not be everyone but mostly 90% of networking companies (MLM companies) have the same speech… why? just so you join right?

This then makes YOU their downline and that my friend is how the circle of a network marketing business begins.

What is a Downline

There are literally over thousands of networking companies that exist today, each and every one to their own uniqueness.

Some are selling products, some are selling services and some are just selling whatever it takes to grow their downline.

A healthy downline means a healthy commission paid into your bank account.

So Why Is A Downline Important? 

A downline consists of team members and at the top is the sponsor (initially the person who introduced you to the business).

The vision or goal is the same for everyone, to be the best networker and earn the most money.

MLM companies provide large bonuses to people who bring in the most people into the network, this raises awareness of the brand itself and is served as a very good advertising method as it’s down to the person to advertise in order to get paid and of-course… don’t we all want to get our hands on a bonus?

For those of you who are in networking businesses, having a downline is like the backbone of your business.

It increases revenue and allows your business to produce a residual income and even money on auto pilot.

If you’re a team player and love interaction then a network business is definitely something you should consider – it could be the missing piece of the jigsaw you never discovered.

Active and Dormant downline

There are many ways you can increase your revenue and easily reach to the top of the networking MLM world. The more active downline you have the more your chances are that you will be earning the top spots in the company.

How To Motivate Your Downline

It is your responsibility to ensure you are keeping on top with all your members to ensure your revenue keeps coming in smoothly.

Some people are amazing at bringing people into the business, they can have literally 1000’s of people recruited, however maybe only 10 of them will actually be active.

Remember the more you have the more you have to divide your attention to ensure they are all getting the most out of their business.

On the other hand some are very minimal, they only manage to bring in 20 people but if all those 20 people are fully active in building their own businesses then they are in a much better position than the person who is able to bring in 1000.

The Key to downline is NOT quantity BUT quality.

Which type of person are you? a numbers person or a actions person?

Don’t be too hard on your self if you find it difficult, with time and commitment things will eventually become super easy and forming a downline will eventually become second nature once you have all the right techniques in place.

How to grow your downline And Be Successful

There is no denying in the fact that recruiting can be difficult.

To keep encouraged is the best way to grow.

The moment you lose interest and motivation for the product or service your advertising, that is when it all fails.

  1. Mentor and guide your downline – you need to help your downlines that are more pro-active, as in use your energy the most where you will get most value from it. For example, help to close sales on their behalf whenever they bring in prospects. This will give your downlines encouragement to continue recruiting as they have that support required.
  2. Allow your downlines to duplicate your online system and train them to generate leads like you are doing.
  3. Reward your downline so they feel valued, whenever they hit their goals and targets reward them to encourage them to continue growing their business.

How to train your downline for network marketing success

If you have newly started a networking company your probably thinking how you can recruit, what methods you can use to bring people in and make them believe in your product. First thing is first.


You have to know and understand the company you have just joined and why you joined it.

What was it that attracted you to becoming a part of this company and what do you expect to get in return? These are the exact same things your prospect will be thinking if they decide to join too.

Share your story

What made you join this business and what benefits has it made to your life. You need to be as transparent as possible, in order for people to believe and buy from you.

This is what people want to know so they feel inspired to do the same.

Remember if a person follows your success they are more likely to join you.

Approx. 70% of your audience will join after somewhat having stalked your business and products. It’s human nature I suppose.

They will eventually ask you to show you your opportunity so they can be a part of it too. People buy people, not products at first.

Share the Knowledge

If a business opportunity can make a person earn x amount of money in certain weeks or months then this is classed as key data.

This is what your prospects want to hear.

They want to know what’s in it for them. What they can earn an HOW it can help them.

Finding your prospects WHY is crucial.

A business which is considered as life changing is a good place to start.

Ask your prospects what they want from this business? Could it be financial freedom, Quality products which they can use? A service they can use to tailor around their lifestyle, the choices are endless.

Never forget to ask what THEY want from this business opportunity first before you present to them what this opportunity can in fact offer.

Spread the word

The first place to target is usually those closest.

Whether you are in a networking company which sells herbal products the first thing would be to ask around to direct contacts if they would be interested in purchasing.

This is the best way to grow sales and eventually bring people on board.

However this can be a little difficult if you’re not selling a physical product.

Some MLM companies don’t even have a physical product to sell, it could be digital.


Advertising is a quick and easy way to reach a large audience.

You can use free or paid traffic streams to obtain this attraction.

Social media is by far the best places to start.

Any platform which has people on it, is your chance to shine.

Share a review, an advertisement, a post or maybe just update your own social media page, it will catch many people’s attention.

A popular social media site to use and which is used heavily to promote networking businesses is Facebook. Make a group/page on Facebook about your business and allow it to be on public for people world-wide to see.

Your friends and family can easily see your posts too and most of all you can set up your own ads to generate prospects.

Growing Your Downline In  Network Marketing Summary

To Sum it all up, if you decide to join a networking company there is a 99% chance it will require you to build a downline for the ultimate success.

The goal in this business is to always think of your prospects benefit.

A person will only be willing to commit and invest (if investment is required) if they see benefit to themselves.

I did not find this route easy, in fact I am not a recruiting person, I wish I could just hide behind a stone somewhere or have someone recruit for me.

I gave up on so many MLM companies because it just wasn’t my strong point.

Do you work in a networking company? let me know in the comments!

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  1. I work in a network marketing company.
    Please how do I handle prospect who promised to signup as downline and end up not doing so.? Thanks for this article which serves as eye opener to network marketing personnel.

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