From beginners to scratch of a business concept :

Let’s talk business, by the way there are two types of business categories. In the first category it’s business for skillful and knowledgeable people and the second category is for non-skillful people.

However we can not be judgemental here. In this case we can’t decide that the skillful person will get more benefit and earn more success in their business in comparison to the non-skillful person.

From a business prospective the most important thing is courage of taking a decision. How you can get your plan across into market to meet customer demands is a key factor to always consider in any business.

What is the easiest business to start-up ?

On the internet you will find a million ways to start a business. That’s your answer right here. What is the easiest business to start-up? yes! Online. It’s great for a beginner to start-up.

How many types of business licenses are there ?

  1. Sole Trader
  2. Partnership
  3. Corporation.
  4. Limited Liability Company

10 steps that you have to follow to start your own business :

  1. Research your business concept ideas
  2. Make a business plan.
  3. Plan the financial calculation of your business.
  4. Choose the business structure license.
  5. Choose unique name of your business and registered it.
  6. Get license and permission to start your business.
  7. Manage your Account system.
  8. Set up your business location to deliver all your surrounding.
  9. Hire a number of employees (if required).
  10. Promote your business brands. (How to promote via social media)

5 Different categories of marketing:

1.Retail marketing process:

Retail marketing is a process that involves creating an interest and awareness to your prospective clients or consumers where maximum sales happen. We will talk about the steps of retail marketing process and understand the stage of concept development of retail marketing.

  1. Understand the task involved and analyse exactly what the market is approaching.
  2. To understand the stage of market opportunity and design.
  3. Understand market testing.
  4. Know about the implementation.
  5. Understand selling.


2. Internet marketing :

One product selling company :

The one product selling company is a business where we have to make a
research strategy and conduct indepth knowledgeable about the regarding fields. Suppose as an example you might interested in the technology field. So if you started your business concept on technology fields, you will not gain much success. However if you create a unique software that is helpful to people to get information, this is something unique, a unique idea and this is referred to as, one product selling.


3. Social media marketing business concept :

The social media marketing concept is coming from digital marketing and is called an advertising marketing process using a digital channel’s. Social media platforms included the likes of Facebook, You-tube, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The important thing is how to approach social media marketing for your business concept.

What is social media marketing ?
A way of marketing to promote your products and services with the help of social sites like Facebook , You-tube and twitter. This method encourages to sell your product’s online.


4. E-commerce business :

What is E-commerce business concept ?

E-commerce stands for electronics commerce. The commerce refer’s to the buying and selling of products and services by the help of an electronics network, such as the internet.

In other words if i have to describe an E-commerce type of business to you, it’s basically a medium of trading for goods and services in between the buyers and seller’s through an electronics medium. The E-commerce medium is also a paperless exchange of business information using email and electronics funds transfer etc.

In E-commerce platform, when we buy a product from a website, we use an E-payment system. By the help of E-payment system consumer’s can find what they want to buy and purchase it easily. The consumers are mostly willing to make a purchasing process that is easy and immediate.


5. Financial marketing :

The Financial market acts like a link between households and business firms. So that households can buy the investment from the business firm and in the end, households can transfer the funds back to the business firm. The main objectives of financial marketing is that it can help the households to use that and save money in the best possible ways. On the other hand financial market helps a business firm with their requirements of funds. The linking of savers and investors works with the help of mobilising the funds between them. This is called an allocative function of Financial market.


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