Easy1up review – Scam, Legit Or Pyramid Scheme?

Updated: This Easy1up Review post has been updated in October 2020 to reflect more new and relevant information.


What Is Easy1up

Easy1up is a Digital Education product.

It claims to have all the tools a person needs to exceed in their Easy1up or any other business they may be doing.

It’s a library that contains information to grow your online business. A library access, consisting off videos, text and images.

Originally found by Peter Wolfing who is the owner to many other similar businesses.

Easy 1Up is structured as an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business and not as an online marketing training program. The only way to make money is by recruiting people to also buy into the “library” and at whatever level they join, that’s how much you get paid. 

The Commission is 100%. 

If you buy into Easy1Up at the highest level, you have access to all the products available for your to continue reselling as many times you like.

Easy1up Products

The products are all virtual. There is nothing physical you will receive after joining Easy1Up. 

It’s all digital and gives you access to online marketing and network marketing products which can help you build and grow a business.

You then sell these onwards as many times you wish (since it’s digital) to make your reoccurring commissions.

Easy1Up Cost

Starting from $25 – $1000. Easy1up has many levels you can access into. 

Easy1up Signup

Easy1up is the actual product itself. The MEMBERSHIP!

In order to get commission and make money with this business you will be selling the Easy1up platform to another interested prospect.

There are 5 levels the membership covers and you can join in at any level.

Once you sign up as an affiliate you automatically gift your sponsor the membership fee and they activate your platform. Il break down each level below:

$25 Membership + $5 Activation Fee – ELEVATION BASIC – A basic network marketing basics course and a couple of Affiliate marketing videos to watch and learn.

$100 Membership + $10 Activation Fee – ELEVATION ELITE – A number of Cash Generating videos along with methods of free marketing.

$250 Membership + $25 Activation Fee VERTEX – This covers advanced Digital Business skills and videos on how to apply.

$500 Membership + $50 Activation Fee – VERTEX ELITE – This is an advanced Affiliate marketing course which guides you on how to launch your own product.

$1000 Membership + $100 Activation Fee – VERTEX PRO CONNECT – Advanced in all levels includes Facebook ad training and the Facebook marketing prospect.

$2000 Membership + $500 Activation Fee VERTEX PRO LIVE – Another level of information and training, in which the company provides their blueprints and offer live training sessions. 

Easy1Up Compensation Plan

So as I touched on above, you get paid when a member you sponsor purchases a package and pays you directly allowing you to receive the commission and grant the member platform activation.

Easy1up is a “UNI-LEVEL COMPENSATION PLAN” with a 1 up level.  Your first member commissions get passed to your sponsor and you keep the rest, hence the name Easy1up!

Payments can be made via bitcoin, solid trust pay, merchant account, western union and the most famous PayPal. PayPal is the most used merchant and the most trusted. 

Is Easy1Up A Scam?

Overall, Easy1up is NOT a scam.

It is just a typical marketing strategy which requires members to join and allows the sponsor to obtain full credit of the commissions earning 100% in his pocket.

Your probably thinking so how does Easy1up make it’s profit if you keep the 100% commission right?

Well, before signing up there is a 10% admin/activation fee you have to pay in order to get your membership. So that is 10% of which ever level you decide to join, whether it be the $25 level membership or the $2000 level membership.

Easy1Up Membership Levels

In case your wondering, what level I joined at, I joined in at Vertex Pro Connect.

Yup! I went for it all, was it the right decision?


I wish I had joined at the lowest membership so I could get a feel of what I would be expecting and what I would be getting in return and also whether this would be something I could build a business on.

If You feel network marketing is your strong game, then by all means, go for it! The top level is the best investment package you can join. 

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Thanks for reading!

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