Dropshipping Amazon to eBay – EXACT strategy revealed

Hello once again, how y’all doing?

I’ve been doing super great with my new dropshipping Amazon to eBay business. It’s flipping fantastic!

This has been the BEST single handed business I’ve been able to run without the HUGE pre-investment.

Many people are doing it, but today, I will share with you, HOW!

If your new to my blog, then, welcome! Let me explain what dropshipping is, before we dive into the strategy.

Dropshipping is a model where YOU are the middleman. You don’t hold any inventory. When an item sells on your chosen platform, you purchase it from your supplier and they ship it off to the customer.

Nice and Easy!

I’ve explained in my previous posts, how to find suppliers and which platforms are the best ones to use in my 3 part series. Check them out below:

HOW TO Start a dropshipping business with low investment

TOP dropshipping suppliers and HOW to find them (the secret strategy many people don’t know about)

The costs of dropshipping – is it even worth it?

You can read my other posts and then come back to this one. Alternatively if you want my SIMPLE strategy NOW, then stick around on here. Grab your cup of coffee, pen and notebook, because this post is going to be a meaty one.

In this post, we will talk about how to dropship using Amazon as your supplier and eBay as your platform.

This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on a link within this post and make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This is at NO additional cost to you.

Let’s begin

Income Report – dropshipping Amazon to eBay

Before we dive into my strategy and how to actually get set up, I’m going to share my income reports with y’all first.

I mean, you’ve got to see it to believe it right? That’s right!

I used this method on both my eBay accounts and here are the results for the month of June 2020 (1st-30th)

dropshipping amzon to ebay income report - writtenbysadia
Income report on main account – writtenbysadia
dropshipping amazon to ebay income report - writtenbysadia
Income report on second account – writtenbysadia

You can see on one of my accounts, the sales were steady. That’s what I love to see and the type of growth you should aim for.

However on my second account, I tried to do things a little different by incorporating “in demand” products. This gave a spike as you can see towards the end of the month, but has now reduced again as the product interest died down.

Almost 10k sales in 30 days is pretty impressive I would say.

Do bare in mind, these are just SALES figures. Fees and Taxes have not been deducted from the figure above.

If you want to learn more about taxes and platform fees then see here. I break down the EXACT costs you could face when you decide to start a dropshipping business.

So how did I achieve this? Lets talk!

First off, lets discuss the tools needed to make this business model work.

The tools and platforms required – dropshipping Amazon to eBay

The 3 platforms that are a must: eBay, Amazon and AutoDS and Zik Analytics (not essential)


The reason I chose eBay to sell from is because it already has a built and established audience who are always looking for things to buy.

Alternatively, you can use any other platform to sell on too, such as your own website or Shopify.

Make sure you have a seller account set up.  It’s super simple to get started on eBay. You can click here to sign up.


Amazon will be our supplier. You don’t have to have a seller account on here. Just a simple Buyer account.

The most important part is to activate Amazon Prime. YES! The golden reason this business model is a success.

Amazon prime is a next day delivery service which is perfect as customers will always and most likely be extra happy when there item is received super fast.

“Won’t people clock on that they are receiving their orders in Amazon packaging?”

Not really. Customers are not really bothered if I’m honest. As long as the item they order arrives on time and is in great condition, they are happy.

Around 1 in 100 customers may turn around and ask “hey, I received my item from Amazon but ordered from you on eBay, what’s going on?”

This is a super simple question to resolve.

“Hi, Thank you for contacting my store. Yes, that is correct. It was sent from out warehouse using Amazon logistics as the carrier” We apologise for the confusion caused”

And there you have it. A simple query resolved.

Customer service and on-time responses are key to running any successful business. Treat this as your business also. Treat every customer with care and appreciation.


AutoDS is a listing tool. It makes listing items 1000x easier.

In all honesty, this option is also not essential. If you’re happy with listing your items manually from Amazon to eBay, that’s fine. However this listing tool will save you a tonne of time.

AutoDS has a monthly membership fee, however the first week is for $1 only. It’s a great way to try the tool out before you decide to stick to it.

I pay $25 monthly to use this listing tool. It saves me lots of time which is why I simply love it.

AutoDS will also calculate your profit for each item you list. It will deduct your eBay and Paypal fees and show you the amount of profit you will get for each item after it’s sold.

You can alter the settings as you wish. My profit is set to 18%.

Between 15-45%  profit margin is recommended.

You can sign up to AutoDS $1 trial here.

Sign up for $1 TODAY!

Zik Analytics

This is simply the best tool to find hot trending products that are selling like hot cakes on eBay.

The tool is so detailed, it gives you a chance to spy on your competitors and other big sellers on eBay, so you can SNIPE their products and start getting a portion of the sales too.

As mentioned earlier, this tool isn’t essential either.

You can manually do your research using Amazon itself (I will show you how below) or you can use Zik to find the hot trending items for you.

Again this is a super time saving tool which will allow you to grow faster and stay on top of trends so you are always getting sales.

There you have it, the tools I use to dropship from Amazon to eBay.

See you in my next post, CYA!

JOKE! Don’t leave just yet. I PROMISED my strategy so here it is 🙂

As I already have an eBay seller account (been selling for over 4 years now), I just needed to open an Amazon prime account and an AutoDS account.

So first steps first.

  1. Sign up to eBay seller account if you haven’t already. Get registered with Paypal too.
  2. Open up Amazon buyer account and register as a prime member. The first 30 days are free and after that it’s £7.99 per month. You can also get student discount, bringing your Amazon prime membership to half the price (if you’re a student of course)
  3. Sign up to AutoDS – Dropship start up package. It will be $1 for the first week and then $25 each month after that. You will get access to 400 listings each month and access to the auto process order function. Once signed up, you will need to sync your eBay account, so whenever you list an item on AutoDS it automatically shows up on eBay.
  4. Sign up to Zik Analytics – The real success is finding products which are going to sell. Zik Analytic tells you those items exactly.

Optional: Fiverr

The Walk-through

When starting out, your initial investment will be $1.

No eBay fees, (just yet, because you will be billed towards the end of the month)

No Amazon prime fees (as first 30 days are free)

AutoDS will be $1 for the first week. But I’m sure you will make enough money after 7 days to invest in the monthly package

Zik analytics – Follow my strategy and you won’t need it JUST YET. You can use the savings from your investment to purchase Zik later on.

I outsourced a listing expert from Fiverr to find me top trending items and to list them on my AutoDS.

This cost me £30 for 100 products. Just search “dropship Amazon to eBay” and plenty of listers will pop up.

So with all that said above, my initial start up investment was £31

Since then, it’s all been from my investment.

If you do decide to outsource like me, your Fiverr lister, will have your listings completed within a few days on your eBay. I got my first sale the same day she started her work.

Finding an item to sell

As mentioned above, I use Zik analytics or a Fiver lister to do the job for me. If you prefer to manually look up items, then Amazon is the best FREE place to do so.

Go to Amazon best sellers and pick a category, then choose an item within that category.

dropshipping amazon to ebay

You can stop your search here, and list that item onto eBay. Simple.

dropshipping amazon to ebay

However, let’s dig a little deeper.

Search your chosen item in eBay’s sold listings and see what kind of results pop up. I would usually go with the item that is selling atleast a few times a day. If it sells once in a blue moon, I would avoid.

dropshipping amazon to ebay
Sold items will be on the left hand side – as off today (24 July, the day I write this post) you can see the Rimmel nail polish which is #1 best seller on Amazon has sold several times on eBay too.

Zik analytics –  the most simple solution

Here’s a simple video explaining how to find items using Zik.

Once you have found your items, the next thing to do is get them listed.

How to list an item

Here’s a short video on how you can list your chosen item from Amazon to AutoDS in literally 10 seconds.

This video is around 9 minutes long, but trust me, once you get used to adding your listings, 10-30 seconds is the most it will take you. You can also bulk upload, making the process even faster.

I also share daily tips on my TikTok so get following @writtenbysadia

What happens after I get a sale

Once your all set up and ready to get your first sale, what happens next? What happens when your eBay app goes kerching!

All your eBay listings will be synced to your AutoDS tool.

Inside your AutoDS tool, you will see an Amazon link of where to purchase each item from. Click the link and purchase the item from Amazon. You can do your orders manually or use the auto processor tool within AutoDS itself.

I process all my orders manually. Once in the morning and once in the evening after 10pm.

The joy of actually doing some work in this business is the order processing part. Otherwise it’s pretty much ALL AUTOMATED (if you outsource like me). You don’t even need to lift a finger.

I almost forgot the best part of this business. No manual posting items! Yay!

With your Amazon prime membership, shipping is always free and fast. So no more headache on how much postage fees you would need to pay.

Things to be AWARE of

Just like with any business, there are side affects to this one also. I myself made a lot of clumsy mistakes which led me to make this post in the first place.

Amazon Gift Balance

DO NOT PURCHASE A GIFT CARD FROM AMAZON AS SOON YOU OPEN PRIME. This activity is associated with fraud and is actually stated on Amazon itself. The risk factor is high.

“But why would I do that?”

As part of the AutoDS auto process system, one of the options to allow auto processing is by obtaining a pre purchased gift card and loading it onto the AutoDS system. This way any orders made, AutoDS will use the gift card balance to purchase the item.


I would avoid this method, it can be a headache if you have to load gift balances daily. Especially if they are huge amounts. It will trigger an alarm with Amazon and they will most likely suspend your account.

Yes they suspended my very first account when I tried to do this. I now use my second Amazon account and order manually.

Auto Process via AutoDS

Alternatively, you don’t need to order manually. After speaking to LIOR (CEO of AutoDS) he made me aware that you can add your bank card details instead. That way each auto order processed will be made using your bank card.

It’s super safe, and 100% legal.

“But my eBay payments come into my Paypal? Not my bank”.

Yes they do. eBay payments will automatically pay into your Paypal account. IF you open a new Paypal account, it may take you some time to get access to immediate funds. However if you have had an eBay/Paypal account for a while, getting immediate payments should not be an issue.

Each morning I withdraw the money from Paypal into my bank account. Then use the money from the bank account to purchase from Amazon. Simple!

Since I do this manually, I can check my funds availability before each order. However if you decide to go via the auto process route, then just make sure your funds are withdrawn immediately to your bank account as AutoDS does tend to place the order pretty much immediately.

You can alter the settings in AutoDS to ensure orders are only auto processed when you want them to be. Maybe this will be more helpful when it comes to ensuring funds are available.

The last thing you want is order rejections from Amazon because of no funds.

It’s super simple to process the order, and once it’s ordered, you can mark the item as dispatch on your eBay too.

Your customer will receive the item within 1-2 days.

AutoDS also sends out follow up emails automatically to your eBay buyers requesting positive feedback. This is a great way to get your feedback increased and become a more valuable seller in eBay’s eyes.

Keep your invoices

eBay likes to often review accounts to ensure they are following their guidelines.

Now, although it is against eBay’s policy to dropship from another retailer. It’s NOT against their policy to dropship overall. As long as the item is checked and delivered to the customer, they have no problem.

This is all so they can keep the platform safe.

My account fell under review on the 1st of July and was restricted to sell anything until they could approve that I was a genuine seller. These reviews can occur any time in your business and are there to ensure the safety of both the platform and it’s customers.  

Once my account review was approved, I got my account back on the 16th July.

How to avoid an MC011

Here’s how to avoid failing a review and risk losing your account forever.

A review, also known as MC011 is a risk of restriction which can lead to suspension if the detail’s provided are not correct. To avoid the panic If this happens, stay organised.

  1. Keep all your invoices – When eBay wishes to review your account, they will ask for: invoices, identity and proof of purchase. They also asked me proof of delivery, to which I provided my 100% positive feedback score. Not only were my items being delivered on time, I was also getting positive feedback from my sellers.
  2. Insert tracking numbers – this is an easy one to forget, however adding tracking numbers shows you’re a genuine seller and provides ease to both eBay and the customers that the item is on it’s way.

Other than that, this is a super simple business strategy to implement if you wish to earn a little side income or even a full time income too.

There you have it, my full strategy on dropshipping Amazon to eBay.


The above post is based on sales only. Profit amount is different and will be for every seller.

Taxes should be paid as usual.

If you have any queries regarding this model, let me know in the comments section below and I will reply.

Want to start selling on Amazon FBA instead? Check it out here! Free bonus included in the post.

amazon fba business
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  1. The article was of great help. This article helped me learn the strategies. The concept of e commerce is more clear to me now. The online strategy of online business and e-commerce giant is a very mess.. The tips and tricks on E-commerce business have enlightened me and have helped me to plan marketing in order. It gave me knowledge on key strengths of the marketplace and how research plays an important role in any business. I also didn’t know the gift card scam done by amazon.The blog is very useful and will definitely recommend everyone to go through it once.

  2. Hi Sadiam very good and informative article. I have a few questions if you dont mind?

    Did you sign up to the NON-API or API version of AutoDS?

    When ordering the product from Amazon, when/how do we add the customers address and doesn’t Amazon get suspicious of this?


    1. Hi Bilal
      Non Api version is better.
      Once you receive the order from eBay, you can copy and paste the address into amazon to place the order.
      No, Amazon won’t get suspicious. They love the orders that come in daily.
      If eBay get’s suspicious remember to keep safe all your invoices as mentioned in the post above and you should be fine:)
      Any more questions, just let me know 🙂

  3. Hi when you say keep invoices do you mean from amazon?
    So if ebay asks you send your receipts from amazon to them?
    Surely this shows you are breaking the rules by dropshipping from amazon?
    I’m confused

  4. Thank you for this interesting article
    If I may ask about how to get the invoices from both AMAZON or EBAY to keep them as a proof of sales and purchases .
    Also there will be no problem with EBAY if they saw that I am buying items from AMAZON ?

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