Best Work from Home Jobs for Mums: The Ultimate List

Updated for 2023

What are the best work from home jobs for mums?

The best work from home jobs for mums include freelance writing, virtual assisting, social media management, online tutoring, and selling handmade crafts. These jobs offer flexibility, allowing mums to balance work and family responsibilities while earning an income from home.

Do you need a list of working from home jobs? Then this list is for you.

Working from home is becoming the new norm. Since this 2020 pandemic, more people are finding ways to make a living from home as opposed to going out sourcing for jobs.

I, myself after working as an employee for almost 10 years decided I needed a change, and working from home is the best decision I have made. It’s super flexible, your with your family, you are your own boss! PERIOD!

Let’s get straight into the best work from home jobs for mums in 2023!

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list of working from home jobs

DROPSHIPPING – best work from home jobs for mums

Starting with my top routes. Dropshipping is one of most affordable businesses to begin. You don’t need to hold any inventory and start up costs are very minimal.

Dropshipping effectively can be a very lucrative and high earning job. If you have the time and energy, this is one of the best ways to make extra money.

In 2023, dropshipping is on the increase. More and more people want to be able to start their own business with very little costs. If that’s you, then give this opportunity a shot.

Need more clarification on dropshipping? Click here for my 5 post series on how to be a successful dropshipper.

BLOGGING – best work from home jobs for mums

It’s no secret. The blogging world is full of opportunities.

I began blogging soon after I had my first child, and without a doubt it’s the best opportunity for any stay at home mum. Or any dad!

Are you a student? Or even a teen? Literally anyone can blog.

It takes a lot of work, don’t get me wrong! However once you’ve layed out your fundamentals, blogging can be very therapeutic and provide high earnings.

Bloggers can earn anywhere from zero to 100k and beyond. Some even earn millions.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, look at the large companies like “ForbesHuffingpost” these are all online blogs and earn a very wealthy amount monthly/yearly.

Want to start a blog but don’t know how? Subscribe to my newsletter as Ill soon be sharing my secrets on how my blog sky rocketed from 30 views to 2000 views per day!

GIGS ON FIVERR – best work from home jobs for mums

Another one of my favourite.

Fiverr is one of those places where you can get almost any type of work done. This can vary from small jobs up to big.

Many people use fiver to sell their gigs. You can sign up with your talents and start earning.

If you have experience in doing simple tasks such as “making a website” or “coding” “translating a piece of text” Etc. then Fiverr is the place for you.

The earning potential here again is unlimited. You can charge a set price or offer customisation to each customer if they have separate requirements. Making an account is super easy, you just need to be confident in selling your bio. So make it shine!

You can use my code below to sign up – Thank me later:)

Join Fiverr Now

VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE – best work from home jobs for mums

Looking for part time hours? Some hours to fit in whilst the kids sleep or go school? Virtual assistance is a great opportunity in that case.

Virtual assisting is helping out others with their business needs.

Most hours are during the day or late at night when the kid’s are sleeping and can be done easily from the comfort of your own home!

This type of work can include literally anything. From filing, to email management, by creating info graphics, taking stock images, admin work or HR, basically anything in their business that is just taking too much time, you can help with it!

Getting hired as a virtual assistance is pretty much instant. You could get the job within a week and start making a few hundred pounds per month. With the growth of online businesses, more and more people are looking for virtual assistants.

PHOTOGRAPHY – best work from home jobs for mums

Gained some photography skills lately? I mean, with this whole selfies craze and these new super high tech mobile phones, who wouldn’t.

After practising a few months generally, we can all learn how to keep a keen eye on angles.

You can get hired as a photographer if you have a decent camera or even take beautiful photos and sell them as stock images. Either way it’s a very good money earning opportunity.

Did you know, we bloggers actually pay for great photography and stock images to use on our blog? So If you have an eye for detail, you may be able to sell some of your photos for use on blogger sites!

MAKE PRINTABLES – best work from home jobs for mums

I never knew this market existed until I learnt blogger Sarah Titus earns millions yearly selling her own printables. Wow I know!

If creativity and graphics is your thing, then this business is for you! 

You can become a printable creator by using programmes such as Canva and PicMonkey to create them.

Printables is a digital product, imagine the cost your saving on physical shipping. Like literally, if you’re a creative person, then this business is the perfect match.

ONLINE COURSE CREATION – best work from home jobs for mums

Have knowledge of a certain topic and want to teach it? How about selling your knowledge in a course form?

Platforms such as teachable allow you to upload your knowledge and turn it into a course.

You can create a course for any subject.

The popular types of courses are “how to’s”. People are always looking at skills to learn and grow to develop their own business. Or even courses about newborns on simply ‘how to cope with them!’ The options are endless.

Udemy is another popular course platform which allows you to sell your online courses in return for money.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER – best work from home jobs for mums

With social media being on high for many businesses, it’s pretty certain they will need a social media manager if there routine gets too packed.

A social media manager is someone who manages other accounts on several social media platforms.

It’s simple. If you have knowledge with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc then this could be the role for you.

You can start with small local companies and pick up a few clients, or you could pitch your services to a larger influencer or company.

REAL ESTATE AGENT – best work from home jobs for mums

Selling homes seems like a big business, but in fact it’s actually simple once you have it figured out.

A real estate agent can most definitely work from home and arrange bookings to sell houses or even get them on the rent market.

This is a commission based role. Do note, the commission will be high! So why not!

Check out my post here on how you can learn real estate.

SELL EBOOKS – best work from home jobs for mums

Do you like to write, why not try and create your own ebooks?

Amazon began as a selling platform for books, and now look where it’s reached. Amazon allows people like you, to list your books and sell them on it’s great platform. 

You can create a small ebook and sell it through your own website. No fancy publishers needed – all you need is a simple landing page for your ebook and targeted traffic. If you target the right niche for your book, it will sell like hotcakes.

SURVEYS – best work from home jobs for mums

I’ve written a whole blog posts on this money making method. It really works.

Click here to read the top survey sites to earn real money.

While taking surveys won’t turn into a full time or steady income, they can be a great way to supplement here and there

OPEN AN ETSY SHOP – best work from home jobs for mums

Have a talent for arts and crafts? Then Etsy is your best selling platform for it.

Etsy is very popular in the UK.

It’s a platform to get your creative items selling. Most items are hand-crafted and made from home. It’s a nice way to make some extra cash from home.

Many mums sell hand-crafted cards, jewellery, candles, dresses etc. all from the comfort of there home. It’s similar to eBay but more personalised.

CATERING – best work from home jobs for mums

If you’ve been told several times “oh my gawd, your food is Amazing!” then you need to come and cook for me. Joke!

You can consider opening your own catering business.

I tried this with cupcakes but failed miserably because my babies were very small in age and I couldn’t divert my attention to both sides. However once my kid’s grow up, I can’t wait to venture this opportunity again.

Catering can be for anything. Sides, Starters, Mains, Desserts. Your basically a freelance restaurant.

You could start a small catering business and bake personal cakes, cupcakes, or go full blown out and cater for weddings, functions and party’s. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE- best work from home jobs for mums

Call centres are now hiring home workers more and more. If you have an ear for listening then this job is perfect. You can work self employed from home taking customer service calls for big companies.

All you need is some quiet space and great listening skills and you could work from home as a customer service rep for a ton of different companies.

I worked for Arise and personally LOVED IT!

You can learn how to join Arise too.

ONLINE TEACHER – best work from home jobs for mums

You can teach a variety of subjects from the comfort of your own home without standing up in front of the classroom. I mean, that’s old school right?

Many platforms such as Tutorful, VipKid offer platforms where you can teach online. Anything from English, to subjects such as Science are all accepted.

You will need to have a related degree to the subject you wish to teach.

Working from home continued…

TRAVEL AGENT – best work from home jobs for mums

Booking vacations for people sounds like a dream and can be done when signed up with a travel agent company.

You will get offers and discounts which you can provide to your customers along with a nice juicy commission for yourself.

WEBSITE DESIGNER – best work from home jobs for mums

Making websites and selling them for profit is a very popular business.

With over 80% of businesses now online, platforms such as Shopify, WordPress etc. are selling like crazy.

Alternatively the demand for “website help” is also increasing as most people don’t have a clue how to operate them.

If you know what you’re doing and have a great eye to detail in designing websites then this opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

CONTENT WRITING – best work from home jobs for mums

Did you know that people will actually pay you to write content for them.

Business owners, newspaper articles, bloggers, these are all popular types of businesses who can hire you.

You can easily make $15-$1,000 per written piece depending on the amount of research required!

If you loved writing essays and assignments in school then this one is definitely for you.

BOOKKEEPER – best work from home jobs for mums

An experienced bookkeeper is something every successful company needs. If your good at finance and have great organisation skills then this may be for you.

You can become a virtual bookkeeper and keep records of the financial affairs of a business. Once again, the pay is what you decide.

RESELL ITEMS ONLINE – best work from home jobs for mums

eBay and Amazon are the first platforms that come to mind right? Selling things online has turned into a never ending trend.

Any items you have that you don’t need can easily be flipped for some quick cash.

Want to make reselling online a business? You can begin your own wholesaling business, where you can purchase in bulks and have your items shipped out to your customers. eBay and Amazon are popular platforms to sell such items.

Learn how I manufactured and sold my own product on eBay

Platforms such as Facebook Marketplace also allow reselling. So take a quick look around your house and list anything you wont be needing any more.

Selling can become a full time business, and has been for many many stay at home parents. If your ready to crash your bank then this is the way to go!


Don’t want to handle the shipping yourself? No problem. You can sign up with Amazon FBA who do the processing and shipping of orders for you.

As long as you can find cheap items at wholesale price to sell, you can get these shipped off to an Amazon warehouse where they handle all the rest for you.

GHOST WRITING – best work from home jobs for mums

Love to write but don’t want to own your own blog.? In that case you can ghost write for larger companies and big bloggers and get paid in return.

This is a win-win opportunity if you want to be known as a freelance writer but don’t want to own your own blog. I mean owning a blog is a whole different level of fun drama, but the best part is that you can cut all that out and simply write for others and get paid.

NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST – best work from home jobs for mums

Similar to ghost writing, if you have an eye for journalism then you can pitch yourself to newspaper articles who can hire you to write enticing articles for their readers.

If you’re a good writer and can communicate well through the written word, you can earn up to $20+ per hour!

SEAMSTRESS – best work from home jobs for mums

A mothers dream.

Do you know how to sew? Or even mending and altering clothes to make them look and fit even better?

You can become your local seamstress. Or even share your new designs on your own website.

You can list your local business on Google for free (Click here to find out how) and that will allow people to find you when they require alterations or any stitching’s done.

You never know how many people are looking for a seamstress until you offer this as your job! 

It’s in high demand all year round. 

There you have it, my ultimate list of opportunities.

Do you do any of the above? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know.

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