Amazon FBA Business – How To Start In 6 Easy Steps.

Amazon, the worlds biggest e-commerce business for buying and selling goods. Amazon has a platform where you can build your online business on also, your own Amazon FBA business.

Do you want a piece of the pie? I guess you do, that’s why you here on my page right?

Committing to your own brand business is one of the best ways to earn a full time income, allowing you to have the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Or maybe you just want to earn a side income?

Maybe quit the 9-5 rat race?

Whatever it is, your in the right place.

What is Amazon FBA and how does it work for businesses?

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. It is a service provided by Amazon that allows businesses to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. When an order is placed, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the products on behalf of the business. It also handles customer service and returns.

In this post I’ll be sharing how YOU can build your own Amazon FBA Business from scratch, like a PRO.

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Kick starting it off with a freebie. Y’all love my freebies, I know it.

This freebie guide will REVEAL exactly how to create your own Amazon FBA business and begin earning your way to financial freedom.

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FREE Profitable Amazon FBA Business eBook

amazon fba business

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This will give you the real step by step plan for you to set up your own Amazon FBA business today.

I am going to break down the key 6 points and answer some basic questions my readers always ask me about Amazon FBA.

So lets begin..


  1. Set up your business account
  2. Pick a niche and choose a product
  3. Find a supplier
  4. Build your brand
  5. Create product listings
  6. Advertise your store listings

What does FBA Stand for?

Amazon FBA stands for “Fulfilment By Amazon”. If your new to this, then it’s basically a business model in which you leverage the powerful distribution network and customer base of Amazon.

In simple terms, you send your product to one of Amazon’s fulfilment warehouses where they store, pick and pack your item for delivery when sold. FBA basically fulfils your orders and provides customer service to your buyers, without you having to.

This business model is super profitable and 99% successful IF done the right way. You will spend your time searching for profitable products and Amazon will handle the rest. 

Awesome, I know!


What does FBA handle?

Owning a business can be A LOT of work. From stock sourcing, listing the items, navigating through the logistics of fulfilling the orders, shipping the products to their customers in a timely manner and then, on top of that handling customer enquiries (pre and post) is a lot of activity! Not forgetting the advertising and social marketing side of it.

However, utilizing the power of Amazon FBA, you can take some major tasks out of your operation and begin focusing more on the aspects that REALLY matter.

Another challenge of running your own e-commerce business is keeping updated with inventory storage and order fulfillment. Inventory storage mostly needs updating daily, if not hourly depending on your sales volume. This can take up a lot of time too. Using the FBA business model, once you’ve shipped the products to an Amazon fulfillment center, they will take care of inventory storage and order fulfillment for you. Restocking, re-listing, updating, and other aspects of your business will all be taken care of.

With the help of Amazon FBA you can focus your attention more on higher level tasks such as sourcing new products, conversion rates, branding new items, target marketing etc.

The best part: Amazon FBA don’t just handle your shipping and returns, they also help you grow and offer lower expense shipping fees (free and fast) which no other postal service can provide!

How Much Can I Earn With My Amazon FBA business?

Many FBA business owners make anywhere from £1,000 to £40,000 monthly. This does depend on several variables and how you run it, however it’s definite that there are sales to be made.

It can typically take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to establish well in an Amazon FBA business which shows the huge potential it can give to it’s business owners.

Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 6 steps

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s dig into the nitty gritty on how YOU can become an Amazon FBA business owner.

1. Setup your business account

First thing’s first, you need to create an Amazon seller account before you can actually begin to sell. Here’s how:

• Go to Amazon’s website, Click “Make Money with Us”, Click “Sell on Amazon”.

• Next, Choose your subscription

Individual VS Professional

An individual account is a free account that allows you to sell on Amazon WITH some limitations. 

A professional account will have a monthly subscription fee of £29.99, this will give you the full account access. 

Top Tip: If you truly want to set up your own business long term, then it’s best to go straight for the professional package.

Fill in the rest of your details on your account such as, Business name, Address, Contact Number, Bank details and you should be all set and ready to move onto the next step.

2. Pick a Niche and Choose and Product

Probably the hardest part out of your whole business plan, deciding what to sell. Picking a product not just what your passionate about, but a product which in is demand. A product which your audience would want to buy and needs.

There are many tools out there which can help you scrape the right product. The most popular one with Amazon being Jungle Scout.

But, here are some things you should look out for when choosing your product to sell.

• Pick a product your passionate about. By passionate, I mean knowledgeable. This helps when providing customer support about your product because you will know the inns and outs of your own product better than any other.

• After choosing your product niche, choose other possible products within the same niche. Depending on whether you wish to to own a “one product store” or a “niche store” is up to you. A niche store gives your customers more variety to choose from. It’s simple.

By choosing items, areas of interest or niches that you are passionate about, you will be much more eager to begin selling and building your way up the e-commerce ladder.

Top Tip: You want your product to be in high demand, but not have too many people selling it. That way your chance of being the main competition for that item or items will be higher.

Once you have the above sorted you can move onto the next step.

FBA Fees

After you have narrowed down your products list to a few choice items or a product category, you will want to consult Amazon’s resources to find out what level of FBA fees, such as the ones calculated using the FBA revenue calculator, are associated with that particular product. These fulfillment fees, as well as storage fees, will depend upon a number of different variables related to the product’s size, shape, weight, special storage, or special handling. When you list products with FBA, you can take advantage of the FBA fulfillment services and benefit from perks such as the Prime badge, which lets customers know they’re eligible for free, two-day shipping. Offering free shipping through FBA can help boost sales by making offers attractive to shoppers. According to one study, 84% of shoppers have made a purchase specifically because shipping was free. You will want to try to keep these FBA fulfillment fees and storage fees as minimal as possible to keep down your expenses.

Additional Tips For Product Research

• Avoid competing with highly recognised brands. They have high marketing strategies and high marketing budgets which gets them to where they are today. Unless you have a budget like that to start with, it’s best to not even go there.

• Buy in large bulk wholesale price so you get a good discount instead of ordering smaller quantities. For this to be successful, try and test the sample order first. Once your happy with the final result, you can place a bulk order, giving you cheaper prices for larger quantities.

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3.Find a Supplier

Maybe I was wrong, finding a product isn’t hard after all. Finding a supplier is harder? Being honest, if you have stormed through choosing your product with ease, then finding it’s supplier will be a piece of cake.

You will want to find the most reliable supplier for your items with the highest quality of products available.

Top Tip: Test sample products from various suppliers before you decide who to pick for long term business.

Choosing the right supplier will sometimes be determined by cost. You could find a really good one, but their items could be too pricey for major retailers. Alternatively, the right match would be to find a supplier who’s willing to negotiate to lower costs but not affect the quality of the product. This will give you a chance to earn higher profit margins.

Outsourcing products from an overseas supplier is sometimes the cheapest option. Sources like Alibaba allow bulk purchase at atleast 50% lower costs than retail price.

This option is widely used by many Amazon FBA business owners.

Alibaba will ship your package straight to Amazon’s FBA warehouse. You wont even need to see the package. Great! However, do make sure you have sample tested the products several times before doing this.

Another way you can do this is by having Alibaba ship the items to you, you can then quality check them before shipping them off to Amazon’s warehouse.

You can also use local trade shows to source products from. Along with local retailers who wish to clear out stock.

• Local manufactures. Finding a trusted local supplier is like finding gold. Local suppliers allow you to build long term relationships and can help in cutting out the shipping fees. Local manufacturing could mean, you could pick up the stock yourself.

Other factors to consider

Shipping Costs – make sure to factor in your shipping costs when purchasing bulk from overseas suppliers. If shipping costs are too high, you could be eating into your profit margins greatly.

In addition, ensure to calculate all shipping related fees into your calculations such as, custom duties, taxes and VAT.

Shipping Times – you also need to ensure your supplier can ship your products in the right timely manner. There’s no point finding a supplier who will ship your products within 2-3 months. You’ll need a supplier who can ship fast and be able to restock you up fast, when your items run out.

4. Build Your Brand

Building your own brand is possibly the best option out there when approaching the e-commerce world. Having your own USP, will allow you to determine your own pricing strategy for your items.

Build your brand name around what products you will sell and whether this is the niche you will be sticking to in the long run.

You can use sites such as Namecheck to determine what kind of name will work for your brand.

Ensure to check your brand name is available as a domain name too. In future if you wish to open up your own website, then the name of your brand as the domain would be a best fit.

Creating A Logo For Your Brand

You can scrape some ideas together and get a graphics designer to create a logo for you. A logo which represents what your business is about.

Alternatively, you can use free tools such as Canva to make a logo on too.

5. Create Product Listings

This is the most crucial part of your Amazon FBA business.

Portraying your items to the audience. Listing your items on Amazon so people can search for your product is fun.

Add keywords, detailed titles, long informational descriptions, enticing pictures and your product will definitely catch many eyes.

Professional Product Photos – Pictures that show the item clearly

Detailed Product Titles – Use keywords that are clear and unique

Write Your Product Descriptions – Provide as much information as possible. Who the product is for? It’s features and more keywords.

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6. Advertise Your Store Listings

Without a doubt you will get a nice amount of traffic coming to your products once your item is listed. However to gain more attraction you can advertise your listings to gain more sales fast.

PPC Advertising – Super simple strategy, Pay Per Click. Get your products shown more on various searches. 

Obtain a lot of product reviews and encourage customers to do so by prompting them with a follow up email after the purchase.

Using Social Media – Social media is super powerful, if you don’t know how to leverage it, then your missing out big time. 

You can check out my Social media marketing series here.

Part 1

Part 2

Build up Your Subscriber/Email List – Once you start getting customers, you can collect their emails (with consent ofcourse) and market your future products to them first.

Use Coupons and Special Deals – Customers love a deal, they love a discount, so ensure to let them know when your next sale will be and watch those sales fly in.


You can use Amazon FBA to create a side income or a solid full time income quickly.

The FBA model allows you to take some stress of your shoulders by handling the labour work for you. This basically allows your business to run on auto pilot part time from your end.

If you are interested in learning more, then sign up to the FREE ebook below which will break down in MORE detail on how It’s done and how you can begin earning from your Amazon FBA account in quick real time.

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After reading the free ebook, you will see the bigger picture and if Amazon FBA is something you really want to invest your time on.

It’s a full detailed breakdown which shows you step by step how to become your own boss and earn 5 figures online.

After reading the ebook you’ll either be enrolling onto the course and on your way to earning 5 figures, or you will learn why this business model isn’t for you and why. (I highly doubt the second point will even come close)

Also available in a webinar format.

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