Lose weight fast – How I lost 4kg in 3 days

lose weight fast

Losing weight can be tricky. Whether you want to lose weight to look good, be healthy or just drop a size down, the options are endless. There are so many strategies and products that can aid you to lose weight fast, however in this post today i will show you a tried and tested way of losing 4kg in just over 3 days.YES! I did so.

This is not just a way to lose weight fast, it’s more of a detox also. Killing two birds with one stone kinda scenario.

It’s a method I used how to lose weight fast without exercise

Not only did I lose weight fast, I also got rid of the excessive toxins within my body. It’s a method on how to lose weight naturally!

You may say, 3 days? That’s super fast, YES! Its a quick fix if you want to reduce your appetite aiding you to then continue building it into a stronger one for healthier meals.

You can elaborate on this method and use it to lose weight fast in 2 weeks, this can aid weight loss up to 10kg. However I wouldn’t recommend sticking to this style for typically longer than 3 days as its a focused detox. When your appetite reduces after the 3 days and you continue eating cleaner, you will naturally continue dropping weight and with some exercise it can be even faster, say you had a bigger goal.

You have probably heard of 101 diets and detoxes. The internet is rammed with them. To name a few:

Cambridge diet – Amazing article by Women and Home

Intermittent Fasting diet – Awesome article by the Diet Doctor

Low carbs / Keto diet Similar to Atkins diet – Brilliant article wrote by Healthline

The list goes on…

I’m not here to advertise any of those, or any other programme. This is something I have tried and tested and felt nourished after few days of doing so myself. It doesn’t harm your body and totally cleanses it.

Malia frey says Not all weight loss and detox diets are healthy. Some restrict calories to levels that are not sustainable and others entirely eliminate important food groups. It’s important to do some research before considering if you should detox and which program to follow.

Do consult your doctor or nutritionist before trying any weight loss programme out there. Even this one. It’s not guaranteed that my results will be same for you, after all many factors determine how much you lose. It is however a great stepping stone if you wish to begin your weight loss journey but just need a good push to do so.

So now that we’ve got all the nitty gritty out of the way, lets begin.

How to lose weight fast – What I did.

Recap: I lost 4kg in 3 days.

4kg of what felt like extra baggage I had stored in my body, which just wasn’t required. I’d class this method as a detox which led to an ongoing goal of losing weight.

If your anything like me, you will join a weight loss programme on how to lose weight fast and then “keep it hanging”. “i will start tomorrow” – well my lovelies, tomorrow never comes right? This 3 day plan motivated me to get started and reduced my appetite so beginning my actual weight lose plan was super easy. In fact my goal was to lose 5kg, and to see on the scale that I lost 4kg of the 5kg after those 3 days was a TREAT! Made my job easy for sure.

What is needed  

First things first, you need mindset.


A mindset which will take you towards your goal no matter what happens. Your end  goal should be to lose some Kg or Pounds. That’s why your on my post of course!

Next… the ingredients: Fruits and water


You read write. Just 2 magical elements are required. Fruit and water.

Fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet — and can aid weight loss. Most fruits are low in calories while high in nutrients and fiber, which can boost your fullness. It’s best to eat fruits whole rather than juiced.

I opted for the fruit detox diet simply because it was the safest option I could find on the internet. Other programs involve taking weight loss shakes, weight loss tablets, weight loss tea’s and not saying they don’t work, however they do have hidden side affects.

I started this fruity detox before my marriage.

If you’re a girl who’s wedding is approaching, your probably finding 101 ways to lose weight if you want to be a specific size for your wedding. I simply wanted to tone up and lose some KG.

This method helped me lose that extra KG that was not required on my body and aided me to then maintain a healthy lifestyle up till my wedding date.

I was super happy with my body in my wedding dress. You all know what happens after that, it all goes down the drain. Wedding buffets, wedding meals, wedding dinners, YES! The healthy diet goes out the window.

To my surprise however I didn’t pile up a lot of KG afterwards anyway.

My body learnt control.

This is what this method will help you achieve also.

Schedule – 3 days


Prepare yourself a few days before your about to begin this detox.

This doesn’t mean eat all the pizza’s and burgers in the world. You don’t want to be losing what you temporary gain a few days prior!

Start around a week early to prepare. Slowly cut back on the sugary foods to begin with, lessen the carbs, go down from 3 meals to 2. DON’T skip breakfast just yet. Bare in mind, you still will be eating at these intervals, it just wont be carbs, or sugars or anything of the unhealthy sort. IT WILL BE FRUIT!

Find a support network

Start on a day that motivates you. I started on a Monday with my colleague. We did it as a challenge together.

Having someone join in with you makes it more fun and challenging. After all, who doesn’t want to win! The end result is your own body but lighter!

Pre-date Shopping

Pop to your local supermarket for some fresh fruits – you can incorporate raw vegetables like a salad in your 3 day detox if you wish. However this should not be cooked, seasoned or any of that sort.

Day 1-3 – eat and repeat


Start your day just as you would with breakfast. Instead of your usual, have fruit.

Banana is a good one to begin the day with as its fibre and fills you up.

I would have a banana and apple and half a litre of water!

Snacks – anytime your peckish, have a fruit.

Ideal for snack time, fruits can be:







This can be another wholesome fruit, I opted for a plate full of watermelon and avocado. Plus 1 litre of water – through out from brekkie to lunch.

Aim is to halve 3 litre of water a day. No more and no little less.

You can have literally any fruit that suits you.

Try not to overdo on the banana as they are high in potassium. 1-3 a day is fine.

You can have a banana for brekkie, lunch and dinner if you wish. Or alternate just like I did.

Snacks – id have a snack again usually 2 hours after my lunch.


More fruits. Ohh I love this plan!

I’d opt for melon, kiwi, carrots, banana and pomegranate. PLUS MORE WATER throughout until bedtime.

It’s as simple as that really.

It’s not easy, I’m not going to say your going to feel super amazing.

YES on day 1 you will, day 2 MEH! You will feel a little lethargic maybe, but nothing to worry about, as that’s saying your body is busy cleansing its inside of those ridgy fats.

Day 3 you will get used to eating fruits and drinking water.

Energy will start to return and appetite will have reduced.

Doing any sort of detox/diet requires effort. This by no means, is no less.

Determination and end result is what you should keep your eye on.

If you have tried this before or have tried something similar, let me know in the comments section below. I would love to know:)

Till next time, Much love my lovelies.

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