Is there a cure for Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Is there a cure for corona virus?

The year 2020, a year which we will not be forgetting any time soon in the future.

We are almost half way into the year of 2020 and I feel the cases of Corona Virus are still NOT reducing.

Covid-19 (a.k.a Corona virus) if your not aware (most likely IMPOSSIBLE) is a flu like illness which has striken the world to it’s core. It all began late 2019 and now speaking in May, cases are still on the rise.

Covid-19 has affected almost all of the world, originally originating from a city in China named Wuhan.

Covid-19 Facts

Where: Wuhan – Wet Market

When: Late 2019

How: No proof as to why, however Chinese state it was formed from bats and other dead animals.

Why: Uncleanliness, however some state it was leaked PURPOSELY, (Conspiracy theories)

Contagious? YES

Airborne: Not likely, however research is still being continued on this topic

Spread via touch? YES

Do symptoms show? YES within 7-14 days

Is isolation required? YES YES AND YES

What are the major symptoms? Headache, High fever, new continuous cough and shortage of breath.

Is there a cure? NO

So, if there isn’t a cure, then how has Wuhan treated it’s people? – Cure for Corona Virus

Wuhan controlled its cases by laying out strict measures as soon as the virus began to spread. Wuhan built several hospitals in a short space of time and housed all patients who showed even minor signs of the illness. They went into immediate lock-down eliminating incoming and outgoing travellers. Everything was isolated and within a number of months, it cleared!

Amongst Wuhan, New Zealand and Canada are also doing well in controlling the outbreak.

America, Europe and UK are not doing so great, with cases rising daily along with deaths rising too.

A future cure for corona virus, a future vaccine

There are plans to release a vaccine that can help prevent someone from getting Corona virus.  A little bit like the flu jab. Well, almost exactly like the flu jab.

This vaccine is set to be ready by fall, during September.

The university of Oxford who are making this vaccine state:

“it’s pretty clear that the world is going to need hundreds of millions of doses ideally by the end of the year to end this pandemic and let us out of lockdown safely”

This therefore means, this pandemic is estimated to last through out 2020 before lock-down can be removed safely without any further risk!

The vaccine is set to generate a strong immune response from just one dose. One shot is all that is required which can last a year, few years or maybe a lifetime.

At the moment there is no solid proof that this vaccine will work. Due to the lack of trial and testing (being only less than a few months since it’s been released and is yet to be tested on humans), it will be a matter of tries before the vaccine is made to perform as it should. However once the right vaccine is made, then this is set to generate billions of mass productions to get the vaccine out as soon as possible to the public.

Would you get the vaccine? Leave me a comment below!

No cure, but treatment?

There is no cure for COVID-19 however there is treatment.

Pre-treatment and Pro-treatment

Pre-treatment, is preparing your body to strengthen up so it isn’t infected by the virus, and if it is, your body can and will automatically fight it before symptoms even show. YES, this is possible.

You can usually treat mild corona virus symptoms at home. If your symptoms are severe, you may need medical care until you recover.

Covid-19 infects those with weak immune systems the fastest. So if yours isn’t weak, then your chances of fighting it are higher.

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Covid-19 can be transmitted through the mouth, nose and eye area very easily.

The first and best precaution is to wash your hands regularly, atleast for 20 seconds, using soap or a hand wash.

Keep sanitizer with you at all times.

Wear a face mask to avoid breathing in other peoples air when in public areas. However please don’t touch the mask repeatedly as the disease is a carry disease which sticks to each thing touched.

No need to wear a mask if just going for your routine jog or whilst sitting at home, UNLESS infected and are in self isolation.

Wear gloves if required

What happens if I’m infected and end up in hospital?

There are many rumours being spread that if you land in hospital with corona virus and are seriously infected, there are chances that you WONT make it out alive.

I can’t say this is true or not, however, my cousin was infected with Covid-19 back in march and after trying to treat his symptoms at home, he suffered major breathing problems due to being asthmatic and had to be submitted into hospital. Whilst in hospital he was treated with severe steroids to bring his breathing back to normal and the regular paracetamol to keep his temperature down. Other than that there is nothing else they can offer you since there is no cure released. He was discharged from the hospital a week later all healthy and well.


Gargle Warm water – with salt. This kills bacteria and prevents it from building up in the throat.

Ginger – herbal remedy to fight of infections – boil ginger or simply add it to your tea and drink.

Nigella seeds – another immune boosting herb

Take steam – breath in and breath out – this will help clear your lungs and allow your passage ways to clear out from any trapped mucus.

Keep hot liquids topped up in your body. Hot liquids kill off excessive bacteria being built up inside.

Keep on top of your cough medicen and paracetamol if any symptoms do arise.

REMEMBER, Covid-19 has classed symptoms similar to the regular flu.

Take plenty of Rest – allow your body to regenerate and make new blood cells that are stronger.

Practice breathing exercises – this strengthens your lungs.

Self Isolation

If you feel you could be at risk, then stay home, self isolate for atleast 7 days and if symptoms arise then extend self isolation to 14 days.

Most importantly, follow government rules and please stay home until things haven’t calmed down.

Stay home, Stay safe, Save Lives.

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