How you Can secure your social media Account from Hackers ?

How you Can secure your social media Account from Hackers ?

Nowadays basically Social media is the most important platform for a business deal . So people are sharing their credential data with the help of social media account quiet frequently. Suppose your account gets hacked, then you can lose lots of important information and a part from this you will be in social media trouble. So here we will discuss how you can secure your account from hackers.

what type of password should you use?

Almost every social media platform requires that you have a 6 character password and this is really secure. As the real stories say, the founder of Facebook Mark zuckerberg who at first was also not aware of this kind security until his account got hacked. His Twitter, Instagram and pinterest account get compromised after all his password got revealed, and that his new password was “Dadada”. After that he thought about this kind of password validation which is really very helpful now for the users.

Installing Antivirus software?

social media hackers :

The first way to prevent being hacked is to install Antivirus software.

So what’s the use of it and how can it secure your social media account?

Antivirus software will not only protect your social media account, but also it can protect your computer and laptop from viruses. This kind of software is helpful to you. When you are browsing the internet there are a lot of viruses and cookies being stored in to your computer or laptop day by day. These software’s can help prevent the storage and allow data to be deleted after each session. An example of a few software’s are AVG software, Avast, McAfee etc. So it’s good to use these types of software’s everyday to scan your computer before and after use. So whatever the malware or spyware file which will get stored by the help of these software’s it can all be cleaned.

Also you can invest in VPN service for more securities. This kind of software is very helpful for online privacy. VPN stands for “virtual private network” . With the help of this software you can create your own private network with the help of public internet protocol connection. It is providing a encrypted security like hot-spot wi-fi provides.

Always Enable the two way of authentication :

If you want to give more security to your social media account, the two way of authentication is the way to do it. You have to go and enable this kind of security from your social media platform. So whenever you forget or want to change your password, you get two options from where you can recover your social media account. Firstly you will receive a message via cellphone and secondly via mail.

Securing your social media corporate accounts :

As we know social media is a big promoting platform for any business and many entrepreneurs. Company’s are advertising their brands and products here also. Hackers can hack these large corporate social media accounts and start promoting their own products and brands. With this they are gaining lots of followers and they are successful in spreading their specifics messages. This technique is very popular on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

There are a few tips to protect your corporate social media account :

  1. Always be vigilant around the activity that goes on in your account.
  2. You must be careful when providing your account access to any person. Only provide your details to the necessary people.
  3. The users must be aware of the latest security solutions which will help to provide high levels of securities to their social media accounts
  4. You must set a good password and on a regular basis update your password.

How to secure your personal social media accounts from hackers :

1.You only provides your Facebook or google accounts to sign in for those apps which are relevant for you. If they are unnecessary then you should not use your Facebook or google account to signup.
2. You must use a complex or unusual password on your social media account.
3 Keep your mobile apps update. Always try to use the latest version of social media platform which you are using because the latest version always comes with high level of securities.

How to protect yourself from misinformation or fake news :

We know that on a daily basis, millions of posts or stories are posted on social media platform regarding security. Out of them some are real are some are fake. With this hackers are getting the opportunities
to manipulate public perceptions quickly and efficiently. This Fake news are also providing mis-info in between users. How to check the stories and news are real or fake?

  1. Verify the same stories from the other reputable social media platform. Most likely, if someone posts a story on one platform, they will post it on their other platforms too.
  2. Research about the author and also about the time and place of publishing those stories and fake news.
  3. Also verify that the comments on those posts are from real people and not bots.

Stay Protected always…

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