How to save your family from coronavirus :

What is coronavirus and how you can protect your family from it:


This corona virus, also known as Covid-19 has taken 2020 by storm!

It is affecting people so fast that even the media can’t keep the figures up to date.

The virus is transmitted physically from one person to the other person by the help of shaking hands, touching items with the germ on it and via the air (coughs, sneezes etc). By air, we don’t mean it can travel in the air and reach one region to the other on it’s own. No! A short distance of air is what the virus can travel. The virus can not survive for long other than that.

Here’s an interesting article from LiveScience who discusses Corona virus and it’s life expectancy on surfaces in greater detail. Click Here to Read.

This disease was founded in China in a city called Wuhan. Media reports have said that this disease started around the month of the December 2019. It has affected almost over 250,000 people around the world.

How Coronavirus has affected the world wide economic :

LOCKDOWN! one word, the word has literally gone into lockdown. In the month of march many countries were forced to enter lockdown due to the numbers of cases rising daily which became life threatening to many individuals. Day by day companies, market and restaurants officially have been requested to close down.

How you can identify the corona virus patients :

So, as according to the medical reports, symptoms of Corona virus have been released to show:

  1. High fever.
  2. Continuous cough
  3. Respiratory problems and issues breathing.

There are two types of age categories who are most vulnerable to the virus. Young children and elders. Another category is those with underlying health issues who are also vulnerable and can pick up the virus quickly. A person with a low immunity power is also more targeted. The virus is said to show symptoms after 7-10 days. This is why isolation is very important if you believe you are a suspect.

How you can protect your family from corona virus?

According to the world heath organisation and government, there are a few precautions you have to follow-up day by day to prevent this disease from getting to your family:

1. Prevent your family from participating in any events .
2. Prevent your family from interacting in close proximity socially.
3. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.
4. Cover your mouth and nose with the help of mask and avoid sneezing openly.
5. Always try to avoid touching your face,eyes and nose.

So it’s my request to all my readers that please don’t panic. Although these are truly testing times, we together, have got this!

Stay safe, Stay home, Save lives.

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