How to know if your social media account is hacked ?

How did you know that your social media account got hacked :

In this article we will discuss about how to recover your social media account if hacked by a hacker. Here we’ll discuss about the possible ways from how you can check whether your social media account such as Facebook , Instagram and whats-app are hacked .

Social media is a very popular platform where millions of users are available. On a daily basis most users spend at least 2 hours of their time on their social media account. Such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

There are so many users who are building their career on the social media platforms. Nowadays social media is also treated as an advertising tool where many companies are advertising their products to increase sales. There are many games also which are running through social media accounts by the help of signups.

All these various uses of social media indicate that social media plays a very essential role in the life of any person, in the field of entertainment and communication.

Advantages and disadvantages of Social media :

The great benefit of social media is that people can easily communicate with their known people, from where ever they are in the world. It also helps to update the knowledge of human beings.

According to recent research, it was found that with the increasing numbers of applications being downloaded on phones and laptops, it become more necessary for a person to secure their social media accounts, before they could be a victim to hacker.

We already know that there are a lot of personal credential informational data that is used to sign up on these platforms. If people are careless at this stage when securing their social media accounts, then they may face big hacking issues in the future.

How hackers are hacking social media accounts :

We know, now a days social media is coming up with high level of securities to protect user accounts from hackers. This is actually one of the main

reasons why hackers are also being successful in hacking several social media accounts. The users are facing a lot of hurdles in providing their essential data. Hackers are quite smart if you feel they hack your site with the help of Facebook or Instagram application, then they will most likely hack your other accounts linked. Lets look at some examples below.

How hackers are preparing for a trap :

Many times we find that there are some traps or fake messages that come into our social media inbox. Those messages may be encoded in scripted language which is why the user is unable to understand the trap set by a hacker. If suppose you click on this link, it will redirect you to a browser and over there it will request you to signup with your Facebook account or google account. At that time if you provide your credential data like mail id and password, within minutes you CAN be hacked and lose your account.

Note: If a link wants your email id and password then you must be alert at the time of providing that, your account could be at risk. If you are certain the link is 100% accurate, then go ahead.

We found that when any ones account gets hacked, they received a mail stating you have changed your password from the targeted social media account. At this point, if it wasn’t you then take action by responding to that email stating it wasn’t you who changed the password.

Always be aware of these kind of mails that will always indicate your account has been hacked .There are some other features also which have been provided by social media platforms like high security as your last login location.

So what does last login location actually mean?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are providing high security in which they can capture your new/current IP location. If suppose you are user of united kingdom and an attacker who can hack your account is based in united states, the social media platform will notify you. This is where last login location security comes into action.

Signs of a hacked account

A notification email that you have logged in with a new device (when infact you haven’t). This is clear sign that your account is hacked and in that message you will clearly have got the attackers info about device they used. Like if it’s a mobile device or desktop device, you will also get an exact name of device model and the location from where did he access your account.

The thing is nowadays hackers are not fools that they will give it the exact IP address from where they are hacking from. Hackers can change the ip address almost instantly after hacking a social media account so that they are not traceable. If you feel this has happened to you, please contact your platform support for assistance.

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