Easy1up review! is this really another pyramid scheme?


Welcome to my Easy1up Review

I admit it, I am a sucker at being persuaded to do anything. Here’s the easy1up review I promised for all those thinking of joining.

I wish i could speak up with confidence and ask well, whats in it for me? and how will this change my life? but instead i reply in awe and expect that the person talking to me is talking for my best interest, when in fact there only talking to me because they want a lead. Sound familiar?


I kick myself today asking why i wasn’t more stubborn. I was being nice just so I can be in the good books of the person promoting their business to me when in fact, I need to slap myself and learn to question whether this business opportunity will be right for me.

Have you ever been intimated?

Well not intimidated (that is a slightly strong word to use) but encouraged to join a platform which promises you richness and then after joining you regretted? let me know in the comment section below.

Nevertheless, most of you reading this will say its my fault for being easily persuaded which i agree with, however they do say you learn as you go along, nothing is real unless you haven’t tested its waters.

I was in the same position, looking for ways i could earn money online. Searched high and low in all places but because i have been subject to many scams in the past i was more vigilant this time and ensured i made full use of our online bible (google) to the most.

Easy1up would never have crossed my mind if it wasn’t for my good friend Kaz!

Me and her have always stuck together in the world of business, we have always bounced of each others ideas but this time i felt she got me!

Kaz approached me with this opportunity. She called me in the middle of the night full of excitement gushing with relief that she may have found the perfect money-making business online and how we would never have to work hard again. Ha! I hear you laughing.

Well at that time i was laughing too, but, in thankfulness that we finally found a new company that will make us rich. Without further a due, I JOINED! oops, now here is how my story starts falling apart…

Ofcourse i didn’t join in the middle of the night, i joined in the morning after dreaming about my beautiful villa and private beach which i lived in after warming to the success of Easy1up.

Easy1up Cost?

I spoke to Kaz who implied i join under her as she had already signed up and she also advised i join the highest membership which is the Vertex Pro Connect at $1000. Because it was my good old friend i made that payment via PayPal.

She briefly told me that i had to join the highest level to have ALL the exclusive access to being rich. The platform license i received after paying $1000 would teach me how to earn money. FULL STOP!. I was super excited until after i paid i thought to myself, damn Coffee! you should really do some research on the company! And that’s when it all hit me!

Easy1up is not a new company, its in fact fairly old. It had been on the market for many many years.

The owner of the company is Peter Wolfing, this guy is not just the owner of Easy1up but also many other founder companies, 1 of which had shut down for being a Ponzi scam. This made me regret my decision at this stage because i did not want to be associated with a company that had scamming sister companies. I stayed strong and decided to try it out myself and see how i get on. The fact was i had already paid the membership fee.

Speaking of the membership fee that was my biggest shock overall. I had actually paid my friend Kaz the $1000 and what she did was activate my membership, THATS ALL! so i decided to get my detective gear on and find out the ins and outs of this company. This should help you decide whether this company is for you or not…

What is Easy1up?

Easy1up is classed as a Digital Education product. It claims to have all the tools a person needs to exceed in their Easy1up or any other business they may be doing. Originally found by Peter Wolfing who is the owner to many other similar businesses.

So what am i selling if i join Easy1up?

Easy1up is the actual product itself. The MEMBERSHIP!.  In order to get commission and make money with this business you will be selling the Easy1up platform to another interested prospect. There are 5 levels the membership covers and you can join in at any level. Once you sign up as an affiliate you automatically gift your sponsor the membership fee and they activate your platform. Il break down each level below:

$25 Membership – ELEVATION BASIC – A basic network marketing basics course and a couple of Affiliate marketing videos to watch and learn.

$100 Membership – ELEVATION ELITE – A number of Cash Generating videos along with methods of free marketing.

$250 Membership VERTEX – This covers advanced Digital Business skills and videos on how to apply.

$500 Membership – VERTEX ELITE – This is an advanced Affiliate marketing course which guides you on how to launch your own product.

$1000 Membership – VERTEX PRO CONNECT – Advanced in all levels includes Facebook ad training and the Facebook marketing prospect.

How do i get paid?

So as i touched on above, you get paid when a member you sponsor purchases a package and pays you directly allowing you to receive the commission and grant the member platform activation. Easy1up is a “UNI-LEVEL COMPENSATION PLAN” with a 1 up level.  You first member commissions get passed to your sponsor and you keep the rest, hence the name Easy1up!

Payments can be made via bitcoin, solid trust pay, merchant account, western union and the most famous PayPal. PayPal is the most used merchant and the most trusted. (it was the one i used to transfer the funds to Kaz)

So whats the verdict?

Overall Easy1up is not a scam to what i found. It is just a typical marketing strategy which requires members to join and allows the sponsor to obtain full credit of the commissions earning 100% in his pocket.

Your probably thinking so how does Easy1up make its profit if you keep the 100% commission right? Well, before signing up there is a 10% admin fee you have to pay in order to get your membership. So that is 10% of which ever level you decide to join, whether it be the $25 level membership or the $1000 level membership.

In case you wondering on what level i joined at, i joined in at Vertex Pro Connect. Yup! I went for it all, was it the right decision? NO! I wish i had joined at the lowest membership so i could get a feel of what i would be expecting and what i would be getting in return and also whether this would be something i could build a business on.

As you have probably read in my previous post Why online network marketing can make you rich i mentioned that i am NOT good at recruiting hence if you’re in the same boat as me then keep an eye on my further posts where i will be posting the best business models that have helped me earn REAL money!

Hope this review has helped you make a decision on whether you would like to join Easy1up or not. By all means if you are good at recruiting members and sharing the benefits on the amazing content in the membership packages then this business model is definitely a win win!

You can learn more here on Easy1up Products

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Thanks for reading!


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