9 Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes – Quick No-Fuss

Easy homemade baby food recipes and quick to make for babies.

easy baby food recipes

This post on easy homemade baby recipes has been updated on December 2020 with more relevant information.

Intro – Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes


Beginning to make homemade baby food can be both exciting and a little daunting.

On top, if you have a busy schedule or other kids in the house, finding the time to actually do it can seem impossible. But, we all know making your own baby’s food from home and from scratch is the best feeling ever.

There are so many healthy foods that you can transform into baby food purees and feel good about yourself, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

The first stage of weaning may seem a little difficult. Your baby has been feeding on milk since born and now it’s time to introduce them to solids.

Woah! Overwhelming for most toddlers and mothers for sure. Around 4 months you probably start to think what your baby will want to eat. With these easy homemade baby food recipes, your problem will be solved.

When is weaning recommended?

It is recommended to start weaning your child after 6 months of birth.

Some say from 4 months onwards is OK. My personal opinion and from experience is 6 months, simply because at that stage their little tum tums are more strong to handle any solids coming through.

Changing from liquids to solids can cause a change in your baby’s routine. Whether its pooing or reduced appetite. Don’t get worried, this is normal.

After all having a baby is all about change right!

Liquids digest easily into a baby’s body, solids can take twice as longer to do so. The first question that pops into your head is probably “what should I give my baby first”

Here I bring to you, some easy peasy homemade super healthy organic recipes for your little ones.

You don’t want to be feeding your baby processed food at the start. Please avoid. It’s just not the healthy option. So many chemicals and preservatives go into making those packaged foods, they are not organic AT ALL! (exception for some)     

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What You Will Need To Make Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Making the recipes your self is the easiest most rewarding chore to do.

I make my own baby’s food from scratch from home. I will show you how you can too.

You can use your home made pots and pans or simply invest in a baby food blending processor to make things easier.

I invested in the Philips Avent Combined Baby Food Steamer and Blender.

It’s so simple to use and comes with some pretty easy to use functions.

It’s firstly a steamer so you can steam the vegetables or fruits to make them super soft.  

Second stage is the blending, in which you turn the same appliance upside down which then switches itself to a blender, allowing you to blend that yummy food at whatever consistency you require, depending on your baby’s age.

Pro Tip Recipes For Busy Mums

If your baby is less than 6 months, mash the food COMPLETELY.

If they are 6-9 months, blend it at speed 2 to allow some thick consistency chunks to remain.

Finally if they are older you can alternate for that consistency also.

Alternatively you can use a fork (yes all hail the fork) to mash the fruits and veg.

So…lets get into the recipes.

Stage 1 baby food recipes – Age recommended for 4-6 months olds. 

Most steps in the recipes below are repetitive. It’s mainly about using the right vegetables and fruits to ensure your baby gets the best start in solids.

Note: You can refrigerate or freeze the left overs for later use.

Apple puree Baby Food Recipe

So easy and delicious and ultimately HEALTHY!. You can mix and match this up with another fruit if you wish. I introduced Pear as the first fruit to my baby, it was made the same way as this. See below for recipe:


1 dessert apple (about 200g)


1. Peel and core the apple

2. Cut the apple into smaller pieces and place into a blender (ideally the one i mentioned above as that’s what i use) or a normal saucepan from home.

3. Pour around 50ml-75ml of water into blender/saucepan

4. once boiled and the fruit is soft, turn of the heat and allow to cool down

5. Blend the apple or mash, using a fork to make into a smoothy paste, according to your desired consistency.

6. Transfer to a bowl and add a little of the usual baby’s milk or baby rice if needed to adjust the consistency. THIS MAKES TWO PORTIONS.

7. Alternatively if you wish to serve on its own that’s OK also.

Carrot and sweet potatoe puree Baby Food Recipe


2 Carrots (about 180g)

1 small sweet potatoe (about 250g)


1. Trim and peel both ingredients.

2. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and boil (exactly as outlined above in the apple puree recipe)

3. Pour around 150ml – 200ml of water into blender/saucepan

4. once boiled to a soft feel, turn of the heat and allow to cool down

5. Blend the vegetables or mash using a fork to make into a smoothy paste, according to your desired consistency.

6. Transfer to a bowl and add a little of the usual baby’s milk or baby rice if needed to adjust the consistency. THIS MAKES FOUR PORTIONS.

7. Alternatively if you wish to serve on its own that’s OK also.

Potatoe and broccoli Puree Baby Food Recipe


10 brocolli florets (about 125g)

1 small potatoe (about 125g)


1. wash the broccoli florets

2. peel the potatoe

3. cut the vegtables into small pieces and place them to boil

4. pour around 200ml-250ml water into blender/saucepan

5. once boiled, turn the heat off and allow to cool down.

6. Blend the vegetables or mash using a fork to make into a smoothy paste, according to your desired consistency.

7. Transfer to a bowl and add a little of the usual baby’s milk or baby rice if needed to adjust the consistency. THIS MAKES FOUR PORTIONS.

8.Alternatively if you wish to serve on its own that’s OK also.

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Stage 2 baby food recipes – age recommended for 6-9 months

At this stage, your baby is usually ready for more.

They want to explore more in terms of texture and flavours.

At this stage you can start to introduce roughly mashed food.

Even though they still may not have any teeth, their gums are hard and getting harder allowing them to chew more on harder foods.

Dont worry if your baby is 6 months and is still starting out on first stage recipes. It’s absolutly OK!

My baby didn’t start eating food (first stage even) till she was 9 months! YES!, she just wasn’t a big fan of solids, and forcing them down her didn’t seem the right thing to do.

Let your baby tell you when there ready.

Try a couple of these recipes and if your baby likes them they will ask for more and be willing to try out newer ones as days go along.

Mashed vegetables Baby Food Recipe


4 cauliflower florets (about 150g)

1 small potatoe (about 170g)

1 carrot (about 120g)

1tbs grated cheese


1. wash cauliflower

2. peel potatoe and carrot

3. cut the vegetables into small pieces to boil

4. Pour around 200ml water into blender/saucepan to boil

5. Allow to cool down when vegetables are boiled to a soft feel.

6. Transfer into a bowl and mash the vegetables ROUGHLY with a fork. Don’t fully mash the vegetables like you would do when making first stage recipes.

7. Mix in 1tbs grated cheese before serving. THIS MAKES FOUR PORTIONS.

Lentils with vegetables Baby Food Recipe


1 small celery stick (about 20g)

1 medium tomato (about 150g)

1 small potatoe (about 175g)

4 tbs cooked lentils (about 50g) – pre cook the lentils to your baby’s desired taste, you can add some herbs or just boil them so they are later mashable.


1. wash celery and tomato

2. peel the potatoe and deseed the tomato

3. cut the vegetables into smaller pieces

4. pour 200ml to boil the vegetables

5. allow to cool down

6. transfer into a bowl and mix in the pre-cooked lentils. Mash the vegetables and lentils with a fork. THIS MAKES FOUR PORTIONS.

To save time precooking the lentils you can use cooked chick peas in replacement. Still equally healthy and delicious.

Peach and Plum Dessert Baby Food Recipe


1 ripe peach (about 150g)

2 ripe plums (about 100g)

2 tbs Greek or plain yogurt (about 60g)


  1. Peel the peach and plums
  2. Cut the fruit into small pieces
  3. Pour 100ml to boil the fruit to soften
  4. Allow to cool down, before mashing into desired consistency
  5. Mix with 2tbs of yogurt and serve. THIS MAKES THREE PORTIONS.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can make this into a fruit sauce and add as a topping to any other fruity dessert your baby likes to eat.

Ease Baby Food Recipes For 9 Months – age recommended for 9 months onwards

Congratulations, your baby is now 9 months.

From around 9 months babies can begin to eat chopped and minced foods.

You can now offer a greater variety of food, including harder finger foods such as raw vegetable sticks.

Start including your baby in the family mealtime as often as possible. At this stage you can start encouraging your baby to independently eat.

Rice and sweet pepper sauce Baby Food Recipe


1/2 a small leek (about 50g)

1/2 a courgette (about 100g)

1/2 a red pepper (about 100g)

3 medium tomatoes (about 350g)

1tsp chopped parsley or pinch of mixed herbs (optional)

1tbs tomato puree (home made  – boil tomatoes and mash)

30g fresh well cooked rice (about 30g)  – boiled


  1. Wash leek, courgette, red pepper and tomatoes.
  2. Deseed the red pepper and tomatoes
  3. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and add the parsley or herbs
  4. Pour 150ml water and boil till all vegetables are soft
  5. Allow to cool and blend using blender or mash with fork.
  6. Mix the rice and sauce as preferred consistency and serve. THIS MAKES 8 PORTIONS

In addition you can serve with grated cheese on top to add an additional flavour.

Pasta with bolognese sauce Baby Food Recipe


1 small celery stick (about 20g)

3 medium ripe tomatoes (about 350g)

1 small carrot (about 100g)

1 small onion (80g)

120g lean minced beef

1tsp mixed herbs (optional for taste)

4tbs tomato puree

30g well cooked pasta shapes – boiled

1tbs grated cheese


  1. wash the celery and tomatoes
  2. Deseed the tomatoes, peel carrot and onion
  3. Cut all vegetables into small pieces
  4. Place all ingredients into a saucepan to boil – (vegetable, meat and herbs)
  5. Boil till soft
  6. Mix with cooked pasta and serve – THIS MAKES 10 PORTIONS
  7. Sprinkle with grated cheese or Parmesan.

Asparagus with feta cheese Baby Food Recipe

This is a great snack for your baby to hold in their hand and munch on.


3 asparagus spears (about 150g)

Crumbled feta cheese (about 15g)

Olive oil


  1. Wash the asparagus
  2. Trim the asparagus
  3. Cut the asparagus into small bite size pieces
  4. Pour 150ml of water and allow to boil to a soft tender feel.
  5. Season with a little olive oil and the crumbled cheese
  6. Serve with bread sticks or fresh bread

That’s all my lovelies, hope you enjoyed these easy peasy delicious recipes. Like I said they are pretty similar in the process of making, so once you have experimented with some fruits, alternate with different kinds using the same steps.

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