Pain during pregnancy, like literally ANY type of pain can be very daunting to experience, when you’re pregnant. It’s usually nothing ever to seriously worry about and all comes with the whole pregnancy package really. Unless ofcourse, it is associated with pre-eclampsia or pre-term labour. I’ve compiled a list of the 8 most common pregnancy pains many women […]

We’ve already discussed two of these parenting styles in great detail: Authoritative parenting vs Permissive parenting, however there are two more which we didn’t uncover, Authoritarian and Uninvolved. These are the four different types of parenting styles. Your parenting style can affect your child more than you would think. It’s important to ensure your parenting […]

What is Authoritative Parenting vs Permissive Parenting? Many of you may not have realised the type of parenting you have been doing since you started raising your children. There are two popular ways which many parents undertake, Authoritative parenting and Permissive parenting. The two parenting styles show how a parent can form and regulate their kids […]