Congratulations, are you expecting ? and wondering what to expect when you have your newborn baby in hospital? Your in the right place! A newborn baby is such a bundle of joy. A blessing which is understated. It can be daunting thinking what will happen when your baby is nearly at it’s due […]

Implement these top 10 positive parenting tips to form a better relationship with your child. If you’re a parent, you’ll know good parenting is hard work. It isn’t easy. The good thing is, although parenting is hard, it is also very rewarding. The rewards usually come much later than the hard work. But if you try […]


Hey my lovelies, Welcome to another blog, a little different this time, not money related, more personal related. About a Third degree tear. I know many of my readers who are yummy mummy’s always go through a lot of drama when it comes to child birth and for those who are new to […]


Skip the potty, in this post, we will be toilet training straight away! Potty training in 3 days just got better with using the toilet! The thought of having an ‘object’ (a.k.a potty) to carry around with your child’s poop in it, was NOT my take on parenting. In this post we will […]