Sleep deprived? I hear ya! Being a mum of 2 I must say I’m very lucky I haven’t had too much trouble getting my baby’s to sleep. Just like anything else, baby’s need to be sleep trained. We’ll discuss 5 tips for newborns to sleep successfully. What is the tips for newborns to […]


Music comes in many forms. It can be in the form of rock, hip hop, anthems, religious prayers, rap, white-noise and many more. The type of music we will discuss today is however, Sleep music for babies. Quote of the day: “Music can ignite your emotions within” – writtenbysadia Music – Something we […]


If your live in the UK, you will be very aware of the famous baby brand Mothercare! They have unfortunately closed down this January 2020. So with 1 major high street retailer closed, and with many more in the line. What are the next big baby products online shopping sites in the UK? […]

Once your little bundle of joy arrives into the world, is it just me, or does everyone around you ask the same popular question. Whats the baby’s weight? So how much weight should a baby gain per week? Or month? Let’s have a look. It’s natural to be fascinated by your baby’s weight. After all […]