When a baby is born, many mums worry about how much their baby is feeding on, correct? So how much milk should your baby drink? What are the right infant feeding amounts? lets find out! Infant feeding amounts – Breastfed babies A baby should not go more than 4 hours without feeding. Even if […]


Do you need an infant feeding schedule? Well! You’re in the right place.   Many mums wonder how much they should feed their newborn? Are they over-feeding? Or Under-feeding? It’s a big question I’d say! So how do you know your feeding the right amount? Let’s find out. Infant feeding schedule Just as […]

How much do newborns sleep usually? it’s  around 16-18 hours in every 24 hours. Saying that though, all babies are different, and their sleep patterns that how much do newborns sleep can vary a lot from each other. Newborns Babies don’t know the difference between day and night. They usually sleep in short bursts through the day […]