How much do newborns sleep usually? it’s  around 16-18 hours in every 24 hours. Saying that though, all babies are different, and their sleep patterns that how much do newborns sleep can vary a lot from each other. Newborns Babies don’t know the difference between day and night. They usually sleep in short bursts through the day […]


Sleep deprived? I hear ya! Being a mum of 2 I must say I’m very lucky I haven’t had too much trouble getting my baby’s to sleep. Just like anything else, baby’s need to be sleep trained. We’ll discuss 5 tips for newborns to sleep successfully. What is the tips for newborns to […]


Music comes in many forms. It can be in the form of rock, hip hop, anthems, religious prayers, rap, white-noise and many more. The type of music we will discuss today is however, Sleep music for babies. Quote of the day: “Music can ignite your emotions within” – writtenbysadia Music – Something we […]

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