The 3 stages of pregnancy, ah! Such a journey it’s going to be. Let me guess, you’ve just found out your pregnant? Congratulations. A 40 week journey which will bring you ultimate happiness towards the end. Your baby! Pregnancy is broken down into 3 stages. The first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. […]

What is Authoritative Parenting vs Permissive Parenting? Many of you may not have realised the type of parenting you have been doing since you started raising your children. There are two popular ways which many parents undertake, Authoritative parenting and Permissive parenting. The two parenting styles show how a parent can form and regulate their kids […]

Thinking what you need to buy when your expecting? Here’s the ultimate newborn baby checklist!  Having a baby is super exciting, and if it’s your first born then your probably going to be in more need of this list than any mums who are expecting their second or third child. In the early days […]

Are you pregnant? Or feel you could be? What are the signs of early pregnancy? Please note: Not ALL the symptoms can happen at the same time, some women may not even feel these symptoms at all, whereas some women will have an overload of several symptoms all together. The earliest symptoms of […]

Are you pregnant this 2020? Or have you been pregnant during the Corona virus pandemic? Then let’s talk! What a year it’s been so far. 2020 has literally been passing away in lock down with our loved ones. Many of my lovely family/friends are expecting their little bundle of joys also, and what’s sad is […]