The social media marketing process is an advertising market using digital channel’s, such as social media platforms like Facebook,You-tube and Twitter etc. What is social media marketing ? The way of marketing that you are doing with your products and services with the help of social site like Facebook , You-tube and twitter […]

What is E-commerce business ? E-commerce stands for electronics commerce. The commerce refer’s to the buying and selling of products and services, over by the help of electronics network, such as internet. In other words if i have to describe E-commerce, it’s a medium of trading for goods and services in between the […]

Business is the part of an economics system. In households the financial system is called a “saver” because it can save your money. On the other hand business firms are investing in money. So that’s why it is called “investor’s”. So a business firm is earning a profit from households who buy an […]

Retail marketing is a process that’s creating an interest and awareness to your perspectives clients or consumers where maximum sell and profits happen. Today in this article we will talk about the the particular module in details , so lets see the agenda. We will talk about the steps of retail marketing process […]

Let’s talk business, by the way there are two types of business categories. In the first category it’s business for skillful and knowledgeable people and the second category is for non-skillful people. However we can not be judgemental here. In this case we can’t decide that the skillful person will get more benefit […]

What is a Family business ? Are you planning on starting your very own family business? Then this read is for you. Family businesses are very rewarding, it’s all in your control, your family is involved and what better partners than your own family to work with. This type of business is very […]